Quality Management
Update time: 2018-02-24

Worldwide Logistics Group is devoted to improve the management standards,throughout the years of continuous practices and implementations,we’re experienced in advancing our service qualities.As early as Apr 2005,Worldwide Logistics Group. was certified to fulfill the standards of ISO9001:2000 Quality Management issued by British Standards Institution (BSI).Worldwide Logistics Group is dedicated to provide our customers specialized,integrated and individualized solutions as well as one-stop service based on its expertise in logistics and the industries of the clients.

Service features:

  1. One contact window: Only one contact window for all customer requirements;
  2. Unified standard: All the service provided and operation links will be carried out unitively in each link by SOP after the confirmation of the customer.
  3. Customize reports: Providing various relative report forms through C6 systems regularly according the requirements of the customer.
  4. Quality control report: Communicate with customer and carry out solutions according to the KPI report and exceptional report etc.
  5. Reviewing stages: Review and summarize with the customer in each stage which include the execution of the operation flow and the reaching of the KPI target.