The Leaders in Yangpu District Inspected Worldwide Logistics Group
Update time: 2011-06-27

On June 3, 2011, Chen Yin,the Secretary of Yangpu District Committee, inspected the Worldwide Logistics Group with the company of Lin Jie, the Managing Director of the Group. After the inspection, Lin Jie and other leaders in the Group made detailed working reports in the conference to show the strong determination to further stimulate the company business and make contribution to pay back to the Yangpu District and the society at large. Secretary Chen Yin gave full appreciation to the rapid development of the Worldwide Logistics Group and also put forward some further policies to help Group continuously boom its business.

The Worldwide Logistics Group successfully headquartered in Yangpu District and gained vigorous support from all the leaders and superiors of the district. What’s more, Yangpu District has also provided the Group with sincere support and high-quality service, which further confirms the belief to headquarter in this hot land.