“Excellent Employee of year 2013” announced by Worldwide Logistics Group
Update time: 2014-03-03

In February 2014, after an intense fair and accurate selection, Worldwide Logistics Group announced its “Excellent Employee of the year 2013” awards. Almost 92% of the staff participated in this selection by casting their vote.

The fundamental requirements set by Worldwide Logistics Group for their staff excellence are : Loyalty, Dedication, Responsibility, Solidarity and Cooperation.

At every Group's annual meeting the Managing Director of Worldwide Logistics Group, Mr. Jacky Lim, presents the awards for Excellent Employee personally, expressing congratulations and presenting thanks to the winning colleagues. Since 2006 Worldwide Logistics Group has arranged overseas trips as awards for excellent employees not only to offer them a relaxing holiday but also to enhance internal communications and collaboration among the 30 branches and its different departments. This year the Group shall arrange for the winning candidates a trip to South Korea by cruise ship. The “Excellent Employee” award policy motivates good performance effectively and sets also a good example to all staff members.