Worldwide Logistics Group won the award of 2013 Top 100 Forwarders
Update time: 2014-09-19

“2013 Top 100 Enterprises of China International Freight Forwarders” was officially announced in September 2014. Worldwide Logistics Group was ranked 27th overall among the top 100 forwarders, 21st in the category for “Sea Transportation”, 20th in the category for “Air Freight”, and 9th in the category for “Private Enterprises”. It is the 6th consecutive year that Worldwide Logistics Group receives such awards since 2008 when it first entered this Association thus showing its overall strength and continuous development.

China International Freight Forwarders Association (CIFA) is the national organization for the international freight forwarding industry. Top award activity has already attracted the attention of the international forwarding industry and it has become one of the best, most powerful and influential freight forwarding activities brands in China’s forwarding circles.