Taste rice balls, Guess lantern riddles and Happy the Lantern Festival
Update time: 2015-03-05

It seems that the sound of fireworks on 2015 New Year’s Eve still echoes in our ears, but time flies quickly and Lantern Festival comes. On March 5, Worldwide Logistics Group organized the festive activity of “Tasting Sweet Dumplings, Guessing Lantern Riddles and Celebrating Lantern Festival” at Employee Reading Room on the 15th floor of Shanghai Junjiang International Building. In the early morning, Chef Ma busily prepared a big pot of hot, sweet and delicious sweet dumplings for us. At noon, employees actively participated in the lantern riddle guessing activity. Everyone actively read and guessed riddles—some people thought hard, some people discussed with others. Those who successfully guessed the riddle could get a red envelope in which there was cash and surprises. Some employees were granted the opportunities to call their parents and send their best wishes on the site. Someone drew a task of pretending to make a mistake at work and then report to the Vice President and issue Case Report. One employee drew the surprise to give colleagues a big hug; some employee drew the surprise to take five pictures of himself with fake hair. The atmosphere is warm, festive and very cheerful, enabling employees to enjoy the atmosphere of Lantern Festival in advance. After the activity, our company prepared rabbit lanterns for those who have kids, in order to enable colleagues to share the happiness and joy with their children.

Lantern Festival is a traditional Chinese festival. Sweet dumplings made of glutinous rice flour symbolize reunion, happiness and people’s best wishes for future life. We wish that Worldwide Logistics Group and all employees could have booming development and live happily in the new year.