Worldwide Logistics Group holding the First Bowling Match
Update time: 2015-03-24

In order to strengthen physical quality of the employees and relieve work stress and enrich spare-time life, Worldwide Logistics Group has always been encouraging employees to take physical exercise and is very active in organizing all kinds of body-building activities. On March 21st, 2015, Worldwide Logistics Group held the First Bowling Match in bowling alley of Workers Stadium in Huangpu District. Everyone can participate in playing bowling without being limited to their physiques. It is a kind of sports that can make up for the deficiency of exercise under busy work. During the match, the employees were eager for competition and everyone began to itch to try. From practice to official competition, everyone was acting very seriously and got well involved, with cheering for one another. The stadium was filled with happy laughter and cheerful voices. Every time when someone hit a “strike”, it would bring down the house. Here, you can see some amazingly graceful postures as well as some really weird playing styles which will make you burst out laughing, and will make you feel fascinating and full of fun. At last, the colleagues from Human Resource Department won the first prize for the highest score in single match.

Through holding more colorful sports and cultural activities, the company hopes to have physical training in the body and have happiness in the heart, forming a good atmosphere of physical exercising and unity & harmony throughout the company. It is believed that the employees will bring this kind of sports enthusiasm into daily work, and stand up to challenges in work with more energetic state of mind.