WWL Group Qingdao Branch assisting the “Jiaolong” in returning home
Update time: 2015-03-24

On the morning of March 18th, 2015, aside of the dock at Jimo Aoshan Port in Qingdao City, the “Jiaolong”, which is the first operation-type deep sea manned submersible independently developed by our country, and also the deep-sea elf creating the deepest submerged depth record of 7062m among all the submersible in the same type all over the world, is quietly staying on its mother ship “NO.9 Xiangyanghong”, waiting for the visit to her new home- “National Deep Sea Base”. At that moment, all the employees in the “Jiaolong project team” of Shanghai Worldwide Logistics Co., Ltd Qingdao Branch has already prepared and are busy but in order in carrying out various kinds of construction preparations and measurements of operating conditions, ready to help the “Jiaolong” to return home.

In order to carry out test detection of the “Jiaolong” more professionally and for the convenience of maintenance and scientific investigation, the state has built the first National Deep Sea Base of our country in Aoshanwei Town, Jimo City, Qingdao. In early 2015, in order to greet the settling down of the “Jiaolong” in its new home, which has just returned after completing the scientific investigation in the Indian Ocean, the National Deep Sea Center is actively in finding cooperating organization in logistics to undertake the business of unloading, hoisting and land transportation of the “Jiaolong”.

On Feb. 28th, 2015, Worldwide Logistics Group Qingdao Branch was behind other competitive tenders when the company had the first contact with this assignment. Under the circumstances of urgent time and unfavorable conditions, Qingdao Branch showed a quick response and cooperative engagement, and established the “Jiaolong Project Team”, under the leadership of Wang Mingjian, General Manager, Zhu Jianzheng, Manager of Business Department of Chemicals and Liu Huping, Manager of Key Client Department, and carried out an investigation to the dock. After six days of intense preparations, Qingdao Branch successfully entered the first round of competitive bidding on March 12th. On March 13th, the project team paid a visit to the National Deep Sea Center, and carefully listened to the suggestions of amendment on the bidding program from relevant leaders. On March 15th, Worldwide Logistics Group Qingdao Branch finally won the bidding after defeating multiple competitors in the second round of competitive tender.

Before the daybreak on March 18th, all the colleagues of the project team arrived at the National Deep Sea Base and started the preparatory work of unloading the “Jiaolong”. Because of the light rain last night, the wind force at 7 o’clock in the morning reached grade 3.8, slightly higher than expected, although a little far away from the limited operation conditions of wind force grade 5, the colleagues were excited, however, with a little nervousness. At 7:40, the wind force started to come down. At 8 o’clock, the project was officially started.

At 8:05, the general director, Liu Huping organized all staffs in the “Jiaolong project team”, 18 staffs in total, to convene a short but energetic mobilization meeting, mainly stressing on the three working disciplines: to follow directions, to fulfill duty and be responsible, strictly follow process system.

At 8:13, all personnel in charge of loading and unloading boarded the “NO.9 Xiangyanghong”,

carrying out the work such as arrangement, colligation and reinforcement before hoisting the “Jiaolong”.

After nearly one hour's preparation, the “Jiaolong” started to break away from the bracket at 9:07, making parallel shifting on the ship, and in the meantime, the crane started preparations:

At 9:14, fixation of the hook was completed.

At 9:19, hoisting was initiated, starting to make parallel shifting towards the tow truck.

At 9:24, it was successfully landed on the tow truck.

At 9:39, reinforcement of the tow truck was completed, and the mission “unloading”

in the first step was completed.

At 9:53, the tow truck arrived at the “submersible maintaining workshop”, and the mission

“land transportation” in the second step was completed.

At 9:56, the tow truck started to go back into the maintaining workshop.

At 10:02, the hoisting started in the warehouse.

At 10:19, along with a burst of cheering, the “Jiaolong” wassuccessfully landed on the support, and with completion of mission “warehousing” in the third step, the most key and important and nervous mission of this project, namely unloading of the body of the “Jiaolong” was finally completed successfully.

In addition of the body of the “Jiaolong”, the unloading and land transportation of plenty of goods and materials on the ship were also included in this mission, and at around 19:00, unloading of all goods and materials was completed.

During the process of assisting the “Jiaolong” returning home, all personnel have strictly followed the established program, in which the division of labor is explicit and the flow is clear, and from the undertaking of mission to successful completion, it has fully showed the professional level and powerful abilities of coordination and integration of Worldwide Logistics Group. The state handing over the “Jiaolong” which is of value over four hundred million and represents the highest scientific and technological achievement of our country to us for transportation, it is not only a test in technology or engineering difficulty but also representing full trust on us, and it is certainly that every employee of Worldwide Logistics Group will genuinely feel the pride and confidence.

Wish our country be better and better! Wish Worldwide Logistics Group be better and better!

[Introduction to Shanghai Worldwide Logistics Co., Ltd. Qingdao Branch]

Established in March of 2005, Shanghai Worldwide Logistics Co., Ltd. Qingdao Branch mainly undertakes the business of ocean transportation, air transportation of international trading goods in import and export and the transportation of dangerous goods in tanks and containers in Qingdao and in the ports around. Currently there are approximately 70 employees in the company, and also some top talents that can professionally undertake international cargo transportation. Through the implementation of modernized centralization control management of computer network of the whole system, it can effectively control the whole system and guarantee the whole system with consistent operating level and service quality.