WWL Group donating the “Love under the Blue Sky” charity event
Update time: 2015-03-26

Delivery of love and positive energy

-Worldwide Logistics Group donating the “Love under the Blue Sky” charity event

In the spring of 2015, the “Love under the Blue Sky” charity event has been fully carried out in Shanghai. The charity event of this year is hosted by the office of Shanghai Committee for Construction of Spiritual Civilization, Shanghai Charity Foundation, and Shanghai Red Cross Society, taking “hand in hand for charity” as the subject and integrating all resources from all sectors of society, in order to carry out activities of helping and supporting the poor such as helping the aged, helping the disabled, medical assistance and educational assistance. The Branch of Shanghai Charity Foundation in Yangpu District has held the Twenty-first “Love under the Blue Sky” charity event in the corresponding period. As a representative of National People's Congress of Yangpu District, Mr. Lin Jie, Managing Director of Worldwide Logistics Group has always been supporting the development of charity career of Yangpu District and has maintained the insistence and persistence towards charity career over the years, and Worldwide Logistics Group has donated 20,000 RMB for this charity event, which shall be used in helping and assisting project of most needy families, to make them feel the love and care from all sectors of society.

As an enterprise with strong sense of social responsibility, Worldwide Logistics Group has been paying close attention to and actively implementing its social responsibility, especially in the devotion to educational development in poverty-stricken areas. Up to the spring of 2015, Worldwide Logistics Group has accumulatively donated to charity events with millions of contribution.

In 2007, the group donated 400,000 RMB to middle school in old Yanping District of Nan’ping City to build the “Worldwide Logistics Building”, in order to create a good learning environment for children in the old district.

Since 2008, the group donated to poor students in the First Nan’ping Middle School of Fujian Province until their graduation, to help the children to complete their study successfully and to open a new heading of their lives.

In the same year, Worldwide Logistics Group and all the employees have supported the rescuing and rebuilding work of “5.12” Wenchuan earthquake with practical action, with a donation of 100,000 RMB to help the rebuilding of severely damaged schools in the disaster area.

Since 2009, the group has established “Zhirui Educational Award Fund”, subsidizing outstanding students from poor families in experimental primary school in Yanping District of Nan’ping City every year, and awarding teachers who have made outstanding contribution to education and teaching work.

In the same year, the company provided assistance for the rebuilding project of Jiuchi Middle School in Nan’ping City, and donated over 1000 books with value over 30,000 RMB.

In 2010, Worldwide Logistics Group and Fujian Wuyi University carried out school-enterprise cooperation in the establishment of “Education Center of Logistics and Supply Chain of Wuyi University”, during which process they jointly set up practice base and focused on cultivating professionals in logistics industry.

In the same year, Worldwide Logistics Group donated 40,000 RMB for Nan’ping Extraordinarily Serious Flood Disaster.

In 2012, the group donated 20,000 RMB for the charity project of supporting the poor in Yanji Xincun neighborhood, and a set of computer of value 4500 RMB.

In 2013, the group donated 10,000 RMB to “1998 postgraduates’ educational fund” of Shanghai Maritime University, and the employees who graduated from Shanghai Maritime University made spontaneous donation of 15,000 RMB.

In 2013, the group donated 10,000 RMB to China Glory Society in Yangpu District.

In 2014, the group donated 4,000 RMB for activities of respecting the elderly in Yanji neighborhood committee.

In 2015, the group has donated 20,000 RMB to “Love under the Blue Sky” charity event.

Worldwide Logistics Group has always paid attention to the development of enterprise's core culture and the implementation of enterprise cultural value through social activities for public good, in order to repay the society, try to create harmonious development within the enterprise, between enterprise and enterprise, between enterprise and society, and pass positive energy to the whole society.