Friendly basketball warm-up match with Worldwide Logistics Group
Update time: 2015-04-14

In order to enrich the employee's spare time life, enhance their physical constitution and build a harmonious, healthy and positive enterprise culture, Worldwide Logistics Group organizes monthly basketball activities, to provide a stage full of youth and vitality for the employees loving this sport.

In April 2015, Worldwide Logistics Group invited some of their partners for a basketball match. Under the organization of the administrative department, the sales department, the peer group, the operation department and the department of national transportation were invited to play an energetic friendly warm-up match. Although it wasn't an official match, everyone put their heart in their playing: high enthusiasm, good teamwork, striving for the ball and doing skilled movements, with some passes and dunks from time to time, causing the cheering of the onlookers. On the pitch, everyone let it go, showing their passion, sweating carelessly and enjoying the happiness brought by the game.

Worldwide Logistics Group will set up all kinds of sports team, and regularly organize friendly matches with customers, suppliers, agents and partners, to strengthen exchanges and communication

Below are some of the wonderful photos taken during that friendly match that we wanted to share with all our colleagues.

The future looks bright, and we are looking forward to it !