Worldwide Logistics Group holds the first plank competition
Update time: 2015-04-14

Happy bodybuilding exercise, holding on to the end

—Worldwide Logistics Group holds the first plank competition

Atnoon of Apr. 10, 2015 in early spring, the first plank competition was held by Worldwide Logistics Group at the reading room and gymnasium on the 15F of Shanghai Jun Jiang International Building, so as to encourage and urge the employees to enhance physical training. Plank is a game right for the sedentary office workers, as it emphasizes on the training of lumbar vertebra, cervical vertebra, shoulder and abdominal muscle, to improve the sub-health status of employees.

The activity has received active response from the employees of all departments; even those who are not attracted by sports activities at ordinary times have also participated. Each competitor has exerted his best efforts to show themselves with standard plank postures. Despite that some employees failed to insist on even for one minute, they did not compete for places, because they felt honored even as a participator! The atmosphere of the field was extraordinarily warm, some audience cheered for the competitors, some “made troubles” happily. Nevertheless, each competitor out of the competition received warm applause and sincere encouragement from the audience. When the best performance of 6 minutes was produced by the first men’s group, the whole field reached a small climax. Immediately afterwards, excellent as their male colleagues, several female colleagues made better performance of more than 6 minutes, leaving male colleagues greatly surprised, meanwhile, inspiring the morale to a further extent. As the competition reached a grand climax, the three deputy general managers, respectively Wang Haihong, Shen Bin and Dream Xu also rushed from the referee's seats to the battlefield to have a try, and achieved good results, conveying the importance of doing physical exercises to employees personally. In the whole process of the competition, the competitors are not only required to compete with other competitors, but also required to struggle with their own willpower. Finally, Yang Yucheng from the Line Management Department won the men’s title with the best result of 8 minutes, while the foreign staff Yana Shlykova won the women’s title with the result of 6 minutes 35 seconds; Peng Cong from the Operation Department and Jury Lin from the HR Department took the second place of the men’s group and women’s group with 6 minutes and 6 minutes 30 seconds respectively; Hang Yu from the IT Department and Often Chang from the Line Management Department took the third place of the men’s group and women’s group with 4 minutes 49 seconds and 4 minutes 31 seconds respectively.

After the competition, a brief prize-awarding ceremony was held. However, everyone was still plunged in the competition, recalling excitedly the splendid moment of the competition held just now, and making an appointment to participate in the plank competition next time and to challenge the highest record of 8 minutes. Since physical exercise trains physical prowess and sports gains happiness, Worldwide Logistics Group hopes to make the employees happy by doing exercise, by means of holding more colorful sports cultural activities, meanwhile encourages the employees to do exercise persistently, so as to invigorate the enterprising spirit, accumulate more positive energy, and create a brilliant future for Worldwide Logistics Group!

Competition field

Deputy General Manager participating in the contest

The Deputy General Manager, Kevin Wang presents the award for the first winner:

The Deputy General Manager, Wang Haihong presents the award for the second winner:

The Deputy General Manager, Dream Xu presents the award for the third winner:

Group shot of prize-winners