Mother's Day Comes in Warm May
Update time: 2015-05-08

Mother's Day comes in such a warm May. During warm and sweet festivals, Worldwide Logistics Group prepares greeting cards and carnation for each employee's mother, and thereby expresses its thanks to understanding and support from all employees’ families. Honoring parents and cherishing family are not only the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation, but also a thanksgiving culture as initiated by Worldwide Logistics Group. The company aims to evoke employees’ feelings of gratitude to their mothers through such activities, encourage employees to serve their mothers during the Mother's Day, such as cleaning their house, cooking delicious for them, traveling with them, or physical exam for mothers, buying new clothes, or only embracing mothers or sending a warm blessing message. As long as you spend more time usually on accompanying mothers and pay more care and thanksgiving, every day is your Mother's Day.

As old saying “Such kindness of warm sun can't be repaid by grass”, Worldwide Logistics Group wishes all mothers happy and healthy, all children grateful to their parents!