Shanghai Worldwide Logistics Group Held Collective Birthday Party in June
Update time: 2015-06-24

"Happy birthday to you......", When the familiar and beautiful melody rang, the birthday persons of Shanghai Worldwide Logistics Group who were born in June reached their collective birthday party. They together sang birthday song, blew out candles, cut birthday cake, received red envelopes, made birthday wishes, and received birthday cards with the signature of managing director. Surrounded by joy and enthusiasm, everyone is filled with bright smile on their faces.

In order to promote enterprise culture, strengthen staff's sense of belonging, letting the staff feel warmth and care from Worldwide Logistics Group-a big family, Shanghai headquarter regularly holds collective birthday party in the middle of every month. Wishing the birthday persons' smiling faces at the moment exist forever, hoping all of you have a happy job and simple life in Worldwide Logistics Group.

Happy birthday to all of birthday persons!