Tourism in Boracay of the Philippines for the Excellent Staff of Year 2014
Update time: 2015-07-13

Tourism in Boracay of the Philippines for the Excellent Staff of Year 2014

In order to commend the excellent staff, set an good example, create a positive atmosphere and as well as to enhance the communication and collaboration between more than 30 national branches and different departments, Worldwide Logistics Group has been organizing the overseas paid tourist activity each year since 2006 for excellent staff, which makes the excellent staff enjoy the leisure moments after work, and achieve a proper balance between work and rest.

On June 28, 2015, more than 60 excellent staff of Year 2014 from all around the country travelled to Boracayh of the Philippines by plane under the leadership of the vice president of Worldwide Logistics Group Wang Haihong. Since then, they started their six-day colorful tour to the exotic island.

The 4 km long beach in the Boracay Island has the reputations for "the most thin, romantic white beach in the world" and "one of the seven big beautiful beaches of the world". Such picturesque sceneries everywhere in June as the clear sky, the blue water, the soft fine sand, the warm sunshine and shady coconut grove make the staff forget the busy work for the moment, keep far from the madding crowd and relax completely. Besides the beautiful environment, the Boracay Island is also an ideal place for water sports. Worldwide Logistics Group organized various passionate sea activities, such as sea fishing, scuba diving, banana boat, water parachute, motorbike and sunset sail. Everyone could release his passion with abandon. Meanwhile the delicacies on the island like a mango smoothie, big lobster and king crab are also impressive to everyone. The staff gobbled down and enjoyed the dinner heartily. Willy's Rock, the most famous scenery on the Boracay Island, and the small commodities market with unique local features also made everyone feel not enjoy themselves yet enough and be reluctant to leave.

On July 3, 2015, the incentive trip for the excellent staff ended successfully. Everybody left the beautiful Boracay Island with happy memories. It is believed that everyone will throw himself into work again with more energy and enthusiasm, and continue to work hard to create new achievements.

Group Photo of the Excellent Staff

Joined the Banana Boat Activity

Jet-ski Activity

Sea Fishing Activity

Water Parachute Activity

Ground Motorcycle

Sunset Sail Activity