Worldwide Logistics Group Held Collective Birthday Party in August
Update time: 2015-08-14

At noon of August 8, with the happy and sweet song of Happy Birthday played in the company's broadcast, the employees of Worldwide Logistics Group whose birthday falls in August got together to celebrate their collective birthday party.

They lit the candles, made birthday wishes and sang the birthday song together. Besides the red envelopes, they also received birthday cards with the signature of managing director, which is an unexpected surprise after busy work for them.

To express thanks to all the staff for their hard work and efforts, and to enrich their spiritual and cultural life as well, Worldwide Logistics Group has been holding collective birthday party for the staff in each month since 2015, which allows them relax and reduce stress in the tense work, increasing communication between colleagues, enhancing staff's sense of belonging and collective sense of honor, letting each staff of Worldwide Logistics Group work happily and enjoy a simple life style in this warm and harmonious family .