WWL signature an Intend Letter with Bahrain Economic Development Board
Update time: 2015-09-11

WWL signature an Intend Letter with Bahrain Economic Development Board

9th September,the executive Director Ms Vivian Jamel of Bahrain Economic Development Board, has lead the trade group to visit Xiamen,to represent The Kingdom of Bahrain to hold a “Bahrain-China Economic Investor Forum” as a Guest of Honor,Ni Chao, the City Hall of Xiamen met Ms Vivian Jamel and her group 。

During the Business Conference, Bahrain Economic Development Board has signature an Intend Letter with Jacky, the general manager of Worldwide Logistics Group, about the developing events after settled into Bahrain. As one of the logistic supplier specified by Bahrain Longcheng Co.,Ltd, Worldwide Logistics Group has thoroughly researched at Bahrain with the strategic parents ”CNBM International Corp”, at the initial stage. Rely on an accumulated years of experience and strength at Middle East Market, to against the complex format form Longcheng project, Worldwide Logistics Group has designed a “Gate to Gate”, ”Warehouse to Warehouse”, package clearance, trade finance etc,an all-round “Logistic +Economic” solution which from the chinese main port originate to Bahrain.

Worldwide Logistics Group also hand in hand the marketing warehousing magnate BANZ GROUP to get the franchise of supportry turnover warehouse within 4500m2 of longcheng ,has achieved the full coverage of logistic supply chain which originate from chinese port to Bahrain longcheng stores

Currently, Bahrain and China are in the opportunity period, Bahrain is a leading financial center of west Asia, playing a unique role in “One Belt And One Road” strategy, Bahrain Longcheng will be opened on September this year, which area 10,0000㎡,forecase that the total number of companies settled will be 700,and a large-scale chinese merchandise distribution center in Middle East, also the currently biggest economic and trade cooperation project between Bahrain and China.

The successful holding of “Bahrain –China Economic Investor Forum” has be paid attention by the main media and core news websites。

Bahrain Trade Delegation Visit China, Strengthen the Diplomacy and Trade Relationship Between Bahrain and China

China News Beijing (Reporter Xiaohong Ni), EDB released a news on 8th September:After King Hamad bin Isa Al-Khalifa visited Beijing successfully on September 2013,and EDB signatured13 agreements on October 2014,a high specification trade delegation made by Bahrain EDB has started a ten-day china visiting, aims to strengthen the diplomacy and trade relationship between Bahrain and China.

The trade delegation which be lead by Zayed R. Alzayani,the Bahrain Minister of Commerce and Industry, will visit the main 4 business centers including of Xiamen and Beijing. During visiting,the political and business circles and local government representatives, private firm leaders, and those representatives who want to enter the Gulf market will have a high-level talks and meetings. It is worth noting that, EDB will vigorously promote the high-growth area which has achieved in local at that time,including of financial services, tourism, information and communication technology, manufactory and logistics, etc. These areas will take bestially investment advantages to China。

During visiting,the Bahrain trade delegation also took part in the CIFIT,has become the first Middle East country who acts as a guest of honor of CIFIT。The Bahrain national pavilion opened on August has revealed the local business stories, investment opportunities, and the convenience which can bring the investors to China and all the world.

  9th September,the Bahrain trade delegation will hold the “Bahrain-China Economic Investor Forum” at Xiamen, to reveal the investor opportunities of Bahrain, At that time,Zayed R. Alzayani, the Minister of Commerce and Industry, Khalid Al Rumaihi, the committee for economic development ‘s Chief Executive officer and Dr Anwar Al Abdulla, Bahrain Ambassador, will speech importantly.

  During the talks, EDB will signature numbers of agreements with chinese companies, and also will signature the events for establishing the agencies with Jinluo Co,.Ltd and Worldwide Logistics group, the rapid growth Intend Letter of entering Gulf market as well 。

  Bahrain trade delegation will signature three memorandums of understanding during the CIFIT ,including of the memorandum of understanding be signatured between EDB and China International Investment Promotion Agency, to promote the trade relationship between Bahrain and China. BCCI has signatured a cooperation Agreement with CCPIT(Fujian).At that time, Bahrain professional women’s Association will signature some according agreements with Xiamen Association of women Entrepreneurs, to promote the establishment of the Kingdom of Bahrain and Xiamen private sector women entrepreneurs and employment cooperation framework。

  Chinames also will signature the Bahrain longcheng development’s memorandums of understanding with three companies in Xiamen. There are three companies include of Fujian Quanzhou Import and Export Co.,Ltd, will provide logistic services at Bahrain longcheng, which including of providing the import and export service for those companies who enter the Bahrain longcheng, building an online sales network and business plat form as well. 。

  The Bahrain Minister of Commerce and Industry (Zayed R. Alzayani) activities on this visit represents:“Bahrain sincerely hope to continue to deepen cooperation with China, and firmly supports China's proposed 'One Belt And One Road' vision,it means build a community of interests between the Arab World and China。This visit to China is an excellent opportunity to further enhance bilateral trade relations,Through the establishment of an office in Bahrain,We can help more Chinese enterprises to enter the fast-growing Gulf market and take full advantage of local investment opportunities. "

  The CEO of the Bahrain Economic Development Board (Khalid Al Rumaihi)represents:“the bilateral trade between China and Bahrain has been thousands of years,Bahrain is an important shipping hub in the ancient Silk Road 。Currently, the relationship between Bahrain and China are still developing,At present, China has become one of Bahrain's most important trading partner。In fact,the non-oil trade between the two countries has been increased substantially from $ 8.9 hundred million 2009 to $ 19.8 hundred million 2014 。”

  National Bank of Bahrain, Abdul Razak Al Qassim represents:“As a leading supplier of retail and commercial banking business,we are proud to show the long history of Bahrain as a financial center in the Middle East markets to chinese parents。Over 400 financial institutions and world-class regulatory standards of Bahrain will help Chinese companies to explore new markets in the Gulf with better opportunities。”

  The CEO of Bahrain Airport Company(Mohammed Al Binfalah) Activities on this visit represents:“It has been proven, either past or present,Bahrain’s strategic location has played an important role to China in developing the trade on the “Silk Road”,Because Bahrain is a great channel into the Gulf market。China is a very important trading partner of Bahrain,Bahrain's strategic position will bring to China un unparalleled convenience for Chinese enterprises to enter the Gulf market 。”

  It is reported that,Bahrain's business environment is very open,and until now,there are many companies who are willing to enter the fast-growing Gulf market have located in Bahrain 。Currently,the turnover of the Gulf market has reached $ 1.6 trillion, forecase, until 2020 this figure will reach $ 2 trillion。(Finish)