WWL Group has passed the assessment of "4A-Level logistics enterprises"
Update time: 2015-11-05

Worldwide Logistics Group has passed the assessment of "4A-Level logistics enterprises"

Recently, news came from China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing, according to the national standard “Logistics enterprise classification and evaluation indicators”, China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing have made a comprehensive assessment to the 21st group of A--class logistics enterprises, Worldwide Logistics Group through the review of “4A-class logistics enterprises. There are 9 enterprises have passed this review in all.

The 4A logistics enterprises ’review is a comprehensive assessment which started at 2005 by China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing,and emphasis on the 6 aspects like business conditions, assets, equipment, facilities, management and service, personnel quality, the level of informatization etc, according to the specification and standard processes strictly to make a comprehensive evaluation and certification to sixteen and eighteen indexes,the participating enterprises cover state-owned, private, joint venture, cooperation and foreign-owned enterprises, cover a wide range of areas of transportation, warehousing, freight forwarding, shipping, postal services, ports, airports, electricity, chemical,and It is the highest standard of logistics enterprises’ assessment at present,also has considerable credibility. In the recent few years, the A-class logistics enterprises have become the representatives of quality enterprises in the logistics industrial, have become the important orientation including of government investment and companies’ bidding, and have played an important role in gaining financial institutions’ financial supports and some other aspects.

As a large-scale integrated logistics service provider which has a leading position in China, Worldwide Logistics Group adhere to national standards to strict demands on themselves, to strengthen the standardization of construction, to standardized management system, to improve management, to improve service quality, and to promote the healthy development of their own. This time to through the review of 4A logistics enterprises successfully, has reflected the comprehensive capabilities of Worldwide Logistics Group systematically, has demonstrated its market competitiveness in the logistics industry, also established a new beacon to standardize the management further and develop sustained.