The Worldwide Yoga Training Class has opened!
Update time: 2015-11-16

In order to release and improve the sub-health condition caused by the employees’ sedentary lifestyle and working pressure, the Worldwide Yoga Training Class has opened formally on 5th November!

A sedentary lifestyle leads to the body stiff, especially for the pain on the cervical vertebra, shoulders, back and lumbar, and it is almost a normal problem for all the office workers, also has become an apparent occupational disease for the white collar. Worldwide Logistics Group hired a professional yoga instructor to set a decompressive and fitness yoga which against the office workers who are lacking of sports, through a series of simple, scientific and reasonable yoga actions, to release the working pressure, to treat and to prevent a common "office syndrome". The employees can enjoy a quiet yoga class conveniently after a busy working day, and release all day’s pressure then back home with a relaxed body and mind.

The Yoga Class locates in the headquarter of Worldwide Logistics Group,15th floor, Junjiang International Building, inside the staff reading room and the gym. In a bright and spacious classroom, with gentle and wonderful music, a professional yoga instructor lead you to open a yoga experience. During the whole teaching process, the teacher showed the standard action continuously, emphasized that doing yoga need to coordinate a regular breathing and focus the consciousness, also corrected the form of characters one by one to avoid the damage of muscles. Everyone followed the teachers’ actions to practice seriously and concentrately, to breath peacefully, and the entire space become gentle. A one-hour exercise finished very soon, and after the sports, some people showered in the company bath room, some were eating in the staff restaurant, some were planning their fitness plan for next week, the wonderful day ended in the sports.

In order to encourage the employees to strengthen the sports, to create a sporty company atmosphere, worldwide logistics group organizes a basketball event on every Tuesday, a badminton event on every Wednesday, a yoga training on every Thursday regularly, and organizes the swimming competition, bowling competition, badminton competition, basketball competition, football competition, marathon, and other sports irregularly, to let the employees work and rest well ,to maintain a healthy body and peace of mind. And to build a more cohesive team.