WWL Group southern china region has completed the Charter Flight Project
Update time: 2015-12-05

2ed December, 2015,Polar Air Cargo, airline PO 618, loaded 8604 containers which in total 105 tons self-balance scooters, slowly landed at Memphis Airport, it marks that the Worldwide Logistics Group southern china region has completed the Air Charter Project successfully. As a ground operation agency, the Worldwide Logistics Group southern china region made a thorough arrangement to this project, a full indemnification, and the first time to expand the international direct charter flight business, it has created the first time to make the international direct charter flight business of southern china region.

The successful implementation of the charter flight project, has achieved a breakthrough in the development of air operations of southern china regions, it marks southern china regions company has owned the ability to complete the machine charter international direct business, and hope to regard this as an opportunity, to strengthen the cooperation relationships between the Worldwide Logistics Group and domestic and foreign airline, as well as clients.

From nothing to existence, the international cargo charter flight business of the Worldwide Logistics Group southern china region has made a historic progress

The end of November 2015,After the Worldwide logistics group southern china region got the customer inquiry, fully devote to the preparatory work. After deeply understood client’s requites and cargo type, fully integrated all resources, actively communicate with ground service providers, Hong Kong warehouse, Hong Kong cargo terminal, foreign agents and other related units, at the same time has a deep discussion and detailed development with Polar Air about the Loading plate, model, route, dismantling plate, delivery and other details, after a comparison of many kinds of programs, finally the professional, dedicated and serious and responsible attitude of the Worldwide logistics Group impressed customers, stand out in many competitors and stand on the top, signed the tripartite agreement successfully.Hereafter,the Worldwide Logistics Group only spent 2 days to completed the monitoring equipment of 39 ULD efficiently and accurately then delivered to Hong Kong station to be installed.

1st December,plant making on site and inspection began orderly. At this time, it was the first time for the airport cargo team of the Worldwide Logistics Group southern china regions to operate the international charter business, but just met the cargo airline delay due to the failure, it’s the first time to operate it and happens an emergency situations, Zeng Huayu, the air division general manager of the southern china region and Jiang Qiaoqiao, the Guangzhou branch airfreight manager, personally to the scene to supervise the installation of goods, led the operations team resisted the pressure, unruffled, methodical, work together to overcome the difficulties, dealt with all the crisis on time, and finally the self-balance scooters of the whole 8604 cargo 105 tons be chartered by Polar Air 747-400F from Hong Kong to Memphis, first completed the charter freight projects from Hong Kong to Memphis successfully.

Worldwide Logistic Group is an NVOCC approved by the Ministry of Transport of the People's Republic of China, a Class 1 cargo sales agent for international air transport, a Class 2 passenger sales agent for domestic air transport as well as a member of IATA. Through out its global network, Worldwide Logistics Group's core business is focusing on direct charter flight services with up to 70 airline companies and cross nearly 100 countries. Worldwide Logistics Group's Southern China division was established in March 2005. Its main business provides international import and export logistics and transportation. The division is also qualified to transport dangerous goods as a freight forwarder. The division employed more than 300 people with a team of professional international logistic specialists. This time, WWL Group Southern China division has successfully provided outstanding services on international direct charter flight. It indicates that Worldwide Logistics Group Southern China division is fully capable of codependent business negotiation and operation in the market.