WWL Cooperates “China Singapore Innovation Forum Project Cooperation Signing Ceremony”
Update time: 2015-12-23

WORLDWIDE HOLDING GROUP Cooperates“China Singapore Innovation Forum Project Cooperation Signing Ceremony”

16th December,the“China Singapore Innovation Forum Project Cooperation Signing Ceremony”is successfully held in the Zhangjiang Hi-tech Park,which be hosted by Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park Management Committee、NUS school of business and ISPACE Investment Management Group,and cooperated by the Worldwide Holding Group.Wang Wei Gang,the deputy director of Zhangjiang Hi-tech Park、Yang xian,the president of NUS school of business、Zhu Cheng Yi,the director of ISPACE Group 、and Lin Jie,the director of Worldwide Holding Group ,have attended the activity.

During the forum,Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-tech Innovation Service Center、NUS school of business、 ISPACE Investment Management Group those three parties jointly promote the NUS Business School, Shanghai International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Research Center signed a strategic cooperation agreement.At the same time,the ISPACE Asia-Pacific Innovation Center which established by ISPACE Investment Management Group and those Singapore’s related innovative organizations.

In the forum keynote link,Liang Hui Si,the deputy president of NUS school of business,、and professor Ke Bing,respectively focus on "the innovation cooperation opportunities and prospects between China and Singapore", "big data, and the future of enterprise management," delivered a speech,the lecture further deepened the participants on the use of big data , enterprise management of this innovative concept and approach with in-depth understanding.

At the background of the shipping and logistics market slowdown, business in the context of the difficulties,the big data is not only to help companies tide over the difficulties, but also becomes the new ocean for shipping logistics market.As a Chinese private logistics enterprises which insists on being the leader of the enterprise group,the Worldwide Holding Group wants to survive in the fierce competition in the market, even as the top of the shipping logistics company, it needs to rely on the data to gain a competitive advantage.On one side,the customers increasing emphasis on the customer experience of logistics services, hope to be able to provide better service,even to control of shipping logistics operations among the various aspects, and real-time control data.Thus, logistics companies need to reply on the data analysis, to provide the appropriate services to meet the needs of.On the other side,according to the market developing,the clients have more choices,the competition becomes more fiercely,to cultivate customer stickiness has become very important.Logistics companies all pay attentions on cultivating customer stickiness,if the companies through data analysis and mining, and use these analyzes reasonably, then can further consolidate the relationship with the customer,to increase the trust of customers, reduce customer turnover,to forward the future,the Worldwide Holding Group will uphold the value-added logistics service of "end to end" concept,to meet customer demand for differentiated and individualized as their core values,started to build a shipping platform core business systems, continue to strengthen the Group's information system construction,to make a good preparation to meet the new challenges and opportunities.