WWL Group held the second“Worldwide Cup” New year climbing activity
Update time: 2016-01-06

Everything renewed since the new year comes, with the arriving of 2016,the second “Worldwide Cup” begins at the headquarter of the Worldwide Logistics Group,Junjiang International Building.

At 5 o’colck,31st December,2015,the 56 employees who has attended the climbing activity, have assembled at the ground floor of Junjiang International Building, With the order of Zheng Yongjie, the general manager of WWL Group, Shanghai Branch,all contestants tried their best to climb as fast as they can,they competit each other also support each other, they are so enthusiastic and enjoy the fun of sports. After 40 minutes, the total 9 groups ‘contestants arrived the destination of the 16th floor successfully. Finally, the champion of the men group was acquired by the tank division Wei Junyan,with the result of 2 minutes and 30 seconds、the second and the third were acquired by overseas development department Jiang Yongfu,and the sales group of the route management department Mao Weiting. The champion of women group was acquired by finance department overseas reconciliation group Wu Qianyun as the result of 2 minutes and 51 seconds, and the second and third were acquired by operation department Fang Zijuan and customer department Huang Le. The second “Worldwide Cup “new year climbing activity was gradually ended after the exciting awards ceremony.

The new year climbing is a chinese traditional festival,which has the wonderful implication of “a new year of growing up step by step”.The Worldwide Logistic Group held the new year climbing activity,to encourage the employees to exercise,to combine the labor and rest, to create a company sporty atmosphere,and to create a more cohesive team.

Photos of Participating Employees

Jack Zheng, the General Manager of Shanghai Worldwide Logistics Co. Ltd., presented the award for the First Prize Winner in the Men’s category to Lewis Wei of the Tank business department

The Second Prize Winner to Jiang Yongfu, of the Overseas Business Department

The Third Prize Winner to Vincent Mao, of the Sales Department

First Prize Winner in the Women's category to Shirley Wu, of the Finance Department

Second Prize Winner to Joan Fang of the Operation Department

Third Prize Winner to Emily Huang of the Key Account Department

Group Photo of Winners