Worldwide Logistics Group 2016 Annual Ceremony held
Update time: 2016-01-29

23rd January, WWL Group held a 2016 annual ceremony at Shanghai Golden Jaguar Hotel, Yangpu District, WWL Group headquarters and all the shanghai employees, also staffs in each subsidiary companies, all the managers who come from all the China branch companies, attended the ceremony. WWL Group still invited the close co-operation partner-those high level managers of the Netlog Logistics Group ,which is the largest international logistics group in Turkey , the guests from PricewaterhouseCoopers, bank and financial securities, also the partners from vehicle fleet, customs broker and warehouse,etc, around 300 people joined and enjoyed the ceremony together.

The ceremony started with an amazing events review video in 2015,which reviewed all the achievements, honors that WWL Group has achieved in 2015 and major news events and various employee activities, and it stimulated all the people’s passion.

Hereafter, the CEO of the WWL Group, JACKY LIM has made a new year speech. LIM said, “the shipping and logistics industry has experienced a very stressful season in 2015,but WWL Group overcome lots difficulties and achieved great results. we have achieved a significant increase in business volume and profit in 2015.” And informed the two important business data in 2015,the shipping container volume has reached 35 ten thousand TEU, air traffic volume has reached 10 ten thousand ton. For those, LIM has thanked all the staff for their hard working. Hereafter, LIM made three expectations and outlook in 2016.Firstly, obtain and strengthen the WWL Group leading position in the field of traditional container; Secondly, improve the network layout of the world's major regions; Thirdly, to implement the major client strategy deeply. LIM wished all the employees can cooperate the WWL Group's new organizational structure change and new leadership team actively, and can get a more health and steady development in 2016. In the end, LIM made an expectation to all the staffs, which has repeated the aim of “work happily, a simple blessed”. It required the management to concerned junior staff more, so that the level employees can better serve our customers.

After LIM’s speech, the 2015 excellent staff list solemnly announced. JACK ZHENG, the general manager of the east china operations center, awarded honorary certifications to the excellent employees. According the WWL Group’s tradition, the excellent employees will award a bonus of a one-week free and a paid annul leaving overseas travel.

Hereafter, the general operation center manager of WWL Group, FRANK CHEN, awarded crystal trophies and gold badge to the 5-year loyal employees as a reward and memory.

In the end,JACKY LIM awarded the trophies to the 10-year employees, and personally wear platinum rings for every ten-year loyal employees. As a tradition in the WWL Group, the one who worked 10 years in the group will award a platinum ring with the English abbreviations of worldwide logistics and his Chinese name. This tradition reflects fully the WWL Group’s concept of employment about “people oriented, people are the first productivity, pay attention to talented person, focus on using talented person and good at using talented person”

After the solemn ceremony, each department employees brought those amazing and exciting performances, like the lively and passionate dance, a humor two-man comedy show, a singing performance from foreign colleague, a humorous theater scene, and a male chorus, t hose performance were so exciting that bring continuous claps and cheers. The versatile employees had brought a glorious feast. Finally, voted by site visitors and leadership, the Avalokitesvara Dance from oversea department had rewarded this years’ WWL Oscar. The annual ceremony had some games inside,not only made the atmosphere funny also can close the relationship between the colleagues, management and employees .Of course the annual ceremony never lack of the lottery, there were over 100 staff got the gifts and cash with different price, and with the gifts’ price getting more and more expensive, the site constantly climax, those who hadn’t get any awards also can get a normal gift. The whole ceremony full of joy which had showed the harmony of WWL family.

The annual ceremony’s custumal finale was a show which be taken part in by JACKY LIM, had surged the biggest climax of this ceremony, all the employees cheered for LIM for his wonderful performance. The 2016 ceremony going to the end with joy and ended perfectly with a traditional chorus of all the employees “one family who is deeply attached each other”. The new year is full of opportunities and challenges, dreams and glory! After WWL’s management change, and rely on the excellent company culture, through the implementation of a diversified, international development strategy, WWL Group sure will face a more brilliant future!

Jointed photo with CEO JACKY LIM &guest Netlog

JACKY LIM made new year speech

General manager of the East China Operations Center JACK ZHENG awarded honorary

certificate for outstanding employees

the general operation center manager of WWL Group, FRANK CHEN, awarded crystal trophies and gold badge to the 5-year loyal employees as a reward and memory

JACKY LIM awarded the trophies and platinum rings to the 10-year employees

The first employee--Integrated Management Manager Hellen Luo

Award a ten year trophy and rings to JACKY LIM

the Avalokitesvara Dance from oversea department

Air Freight Department’s two-man comedy show

Games between the management

Comedy show from operation department--Smart ATM

Turkey song from NETLOG International Logistics (China) CO.Ltd

Comedy show from CEO, JACKY LIM

All employees singed a song