WWL Customer Marketing Conference 2016 held successfully
Update time: 2016-02-01

21st January, WWL Group’s marketing conference held in Shanghai. The CEO, Lin Jie, the top lever managers of the headquarter and the second level managers of each business departments, and the company's management, marketing managers, major account managers of the top 4 regions, as well as all the branches’ managers and overseas branches’ management etc., around 50 people attended the conference.

The logistics industry has experienced a very stressful season in 2015 since the global economic slowdown, the export volume of China's economy showed a slight increase trend, and BDI index fell below the lowest level in history of 400 points, International container has reached the lowest freight in history, the fierce competition in the market has lead to lots freight forwarding agencies losses, bankruptcies, closures and layoffs. Where is WWL Group’s future in such an extreme external environment?

With all these questions and considerations, the CEO of the WWL Group, Lin Jie first analyzed the basic elements of business and the essence of marketing with everyone, analyzed the current customer marketing situation, and pointed out the problems which existed in the customer marketing in 2015, and to those problems and deficiencies for the customer marketing skills had an extensive discussion ,and mentioned three qualifications,such as to satisfied customer, to delight customer, and to throb customer .Then how can we do to throb our customers? The answer is to improve staff ability to service customers, to let the good concept of company culture inside employees’ heart, so that customer awareness and service concept can guide staff ‘s conscious awareness and action. Lin also said that must always put the final customer’s needs and expectations as the main basis for decision-making, from the pursuit of cost, quality and scale, to the pursuit of service, speed, and customer value, and this is the basic for the company’s existence and development. Lin said that our corporate vision is to meet the diverse needs of customers, to have a unique value and core competitiveness in the logistics chain; with global network, to become an integrated logistics service provider with robust product line; With the process of internationalization of China, to become the best international logistics group in china. At the same time to make our employees feel happy, proud, respected, with a sense of accomplishment. To achieve our vision, from the CEO to most junior staff like driver, it requires all the employees unify the thinking, the company as a fundamental of leaders, the leaders as a fundamental of employees, employees as a fundamental of customers, must keep in mind all the problems in order to meet customer demand-oriented, try best to find ways to make every effort to resolve customer, and strive to achieve the highest level of service. Lin looked forward to realize this dream with all the staff’s hard working!

After a deep discussion, the meeting cleared the next three years’ marketing goals of the WWL Group, as well as the improvements and initiatives to achieve the desired goal. The meeting also cleared the next three years’ development strategy of the WWL Group, it is the major account strategy, to base on customer requirements to realize the value added chain, to do the project logistics and contract logistics; internalization and networking strategy, to perform the international distribution rhythmically, to promote the branch companies’ development; Scale strategy, domestic regional branches in the field of export container, strives to become the first echelon in the belong area and establish the market influence. The new development strategy while promoting organizational structure adjustment and management changes, with this opportunity, the meeting focused interpretation of the group's new organizational structure, cleared that under the new organizational structure, the division of responsibilities, development orientation and direction of headquarters departments and regional companies.

2016 is an important year for the WWL Group to take a key step, also a milestone in the development process .We have confidence to our new step and new mileage,in the new year, let’s seize the opportunities, overcome the challenges, work together and get a more brilliant future.

WWL Group CEO, Lin Jie, made an important speech

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