WWL Subsidiaries Management Meeting 2016 in Shanghai
Update time: 2016-02-01

22nd January,the WWL Group’s annual branch managers conference held in shanghai successfully. The CEO Lin Jie, all departments top level managers, the director route of ocean freight department and overseas development, the company's management and the important branches’ managers of the top 4 regions, and overseas branches’ management, etc. around 40 people have attendant the conference.

The conference first reviewed and summarized the WWL Group's situation of operating performance in 2015.The shipping and logistics industry has experienced a very stressful season since the global economic slowdown, the export volume of China's economy showed a tired trend, and the freight price of international container got a historical low, so that most freight forwarding companies facing losses and bankruptcy, although in such an extreme bad market environment, WWL Group still achieved great results in 2015, we have achieved a significant increase in business volume and profit, and proud of our amazing results. At the same time, the group strengthens its cooperation with the world's leading strategy consulting companies in 2015, to enhance and improve their core competitiveness. At the beginning of this year, the WWL Group has a strategic cooperation of the world famous human resources consulting company-Hay Group, to do the human resource building project. The WWL Group has maintained a close cooperation with Price Waterhouse Coopers PLL many years, which comprehensive carding and optimizing the company's financial management system. In 2015,our group continued to strengthen the international distribution and deepened the internationalization strategy, in June, established a joint venture with the Turkey's largest logistics company NETLOG, and named NETLOG International Logistics (China) Co.Ltd. In February, established a joint venture with Poland’s largest company ATC CARGO, and named ATC International Logistics (China) Co.Ltd. Through the complementary advantages to cooperate strongly, to accelerate the process of internationalization, and to get a broader space and development resources within the worldwide.

After that, the conference focused interpretation of the WWL Group's new organizational structure and management and control model, has clarified that under the new organizational structure, the division of responsibilities, development orientation and direction of each departments in the headquarters and each regional companies. The optimization and managing change of the organization, will strengthen the marketing competition further and will effectively stimulate and improve staff awareness of service .The CEO, Lin Jie wished all the employees to cooperate actively with the WWL Group’s new organizational structure adjustment and the new leadership, to get more robust development in 2016.

Jacky Lim, the CEO of the WWL Group,made an important speech on the Subsidiaries Management Meeting 2016

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