WWL Is Listed in the Top 50 Chinese Logistics Enterprises in 2015
Update time: 2016-02-06

Recently, China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing has carried out a statistical survey on the domestic key logistics enterprises with the requirements of National Development and Reform Commission and “Social Logistics Statistic Accounting and Reporting System”, and issued the Top 50 Chinese Logistic Enterprises List. Worldwide logistics Group has been listed in Top 50 Chinese Logistics Enterprises List 2015 with honor.

Top 50 Chinese Logistics Enterprises List is a comprehensive evaluation work launched by China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing in the whole China, and be one of the ranking lists with most influence and credibility in Chinese logistics industry. Both the listing threshold and the total business income of the listed enterprises are higher than those of last year, as shown by the data. As for the registration types, the selection range includes the enterprises of all types, among which 34% are state-owned enterprises, 6% are private enterprises, the proportions of limited liability companies, incorporated companies and joint-equity cooperative enterprises are 28%, 14% and 2%, the Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan invested enterprises and the foreign invested enterprise are with the percentage of 10% and 6% respectively. Worldwide Logistics Group was listed firstly, which reflects objectively that Worldwide Logistics Group has been an important enterprise with certain reputation and influences in Chinese logistics industry.

The global economy is still in the profound adjustment period after the international financial crisis at present, and Chinese economy has stepped into the "New Normal" state, the whole market situation of logistics industry is pretty severe, the logistics service price is still in low level, and the climate index of logistics industry drops gradually in general, the operating pressure of the enterprises keeps growing. Meanwhile, with the issuing of "Middle-term and Long-term Planning of Logistics Industry Development (2014-2020)", the logistics industry also faces the new developing opportunities and a large market opportunity. Facing the pressure and challenges, Worldwide Logistics Group will not stop at the past honors and achievements. As a private international comprehensive logistics enterprise with best service and most power in China, Worldwide Logistics Group will strengthen its value and core competitiveness on logistics industry chains, sticking to meeting the needs of customers, focusing on the customer need changes, improving the service quality, and reach the highest service level.

With the coming of the New Year of 2016, Worldwide Logistics Group will usher in the future for continuous achievements and honors.