WWL Group Wins High Praise from Customers with "Customer First" and Sincere Service
Update time: 2016-03-22

On March 17, WWL Group carried the cargos from Shanghai to Iraq, while the cargos can't be shipped because the binding and banding did not conform to the specifications of the shipping company. Chang Ying, the navigation management of WWL Group East China Operation Center, consulted with the carrier - HMM (Shanghai) at the first time. The consultation failed because the ship had touched at the port for handling operation and it was expected to depart from Shanghai port at 6:00 in the morning. Under the passive conditions, Cao Yanyue, the manager of Route Management Department proactively communicated with Marine Department in the headquarters to discuss the countermeasures. Under the conditions without clear results, the company proactively reached out to the customer and specified the conditions. The customer agreed to reshuffle the cargos and ship the goods in the following voyage. The operation would generate a large amount of expenses. Regardless of the permission of the customer, WWL Group still centered on the customer and thought what the customers think, and tried best to transport on time and reduced customer's losses putting itself in the position.

18:00, Marine Department in the headquarters called HMM China Headquarters and asked it to contact Korea Headquarters to assist.

19:30, After the emergency communication and mediation between HMM China Headquarters and Korea Headquarters, WWL Group may ship the cargos without reshuffling on the premise of reinforcing the cargos on emergency site. WWL Group decided to have a try determinedly under the condition of tight time, heavy tasks, complex operations and high difficulty;

19:40, Zheng Yongjie, the general manager of WWL Group East China Regional Company, personally commanded Xue Yingying, the deputy manager of Operation Department to urgently get in touch with the dock for night operation, cargo reinforcing and ensuring shipment of cargos. Many problems and difficulties were encountered in the operation process. Firstly, borrowed site from the dock for relevant reinforcement operations; The timber shortage for reinforcement shall be purchased temporarily; The open top container was full of cargos. There was a smaller seam between cargos and container, so it was hard to insert the steel wire rope. The operation in dock was dangerous at night. Manual operation rather than mechanical equipment could only be used. Time ticking away by and the departure time was nearer and nearer, in order to ensure all cargos on board timely, all workers held their breath and raced against time in strict accordance with the established scheme, and in line with the principle of "specific division of work, performing their duties and obeying the command".

23:00, All sorts of difficulties were overcome and the reinforcement operation began.

23:30, Encase reinforcement timber and support;

00:30, Finished the first open top container.

00:45, Finished the second open top container.

01:15, Upon the confirmation of Korea Headquarters, the cargos reinforcement met the requirements and the cargos may be on board.

05:40, The last container in this batch of cargo was shipped smoothly.

The customer was deeply moved after knowing the cargos were shipped smoothly. WWL Group won the high respect and praise of the client again.

"Customer first" is the consistent service ideology of WWL Group. The company always puts the customer satisfaction in the first place, lays emphasis on meeting the customer's true demand, strengthens improving the customer's experience practically, and consistently pays high attention to the service quality. Based on the service ideology, in the critical moment when the customers are in trouble, WWL Group often stands out at no cost and tries best to help the customer to solve the urgent problems, in order to satisfy them finally. The numerous similar instances fully reflect the service ideology has been around in WWL Group ranking from the general manager and grass-roots employees. All employees shall unify the ideology and firmly remember the guide of "customer demand oriented" and try best to solve all problems of the customers. Let's continue to adhere to and carry forward the excellent working style and strive to reach the highest realm of service.