Rollout Announcement of WWL Group on Olymtech
Update time: 2016-03-28

Dear customers and partners:

To provide the customers and partners with a platform of exchanging, interacting and instant understanding of freight, WWL Group "Olymtech" was officially launched on March 25. The first stage will give priority to FCL export business of shipping container from Shanghai and Shenzhen to the Middle East and the Americas. The amount of national shipping ports and shipping routes will be constantly added subsequently. It strives to become the "leading shopkeeper" integrating the advantages of all ports, routes and ship-owners on the big shopkeeper platform.

In the internet era with big data and cloud computing, the introduction of the internet marketing model into traditional forwarder marketing model is the imperative resource integration of WWL Group. Olymtech platform may conveniently share information with the customers and peers all the time. Our company will take full use of the platform advantages and supplement resources and do business with the peer.

Olymtech is a product pushed out by Olymtech (China) Co., Ltd. for providing global logistics resources for "big shopkeeper" users. The user group gives priority to the advantageous resource suppliers and international logistics enterprise of eight ports in the whole country. Shopkeeper interconnection will connect thousands of big shopkeeper users, weave the national freight forwarding network, provide true and reliable agency channel and help the users to share the interconnected freight information.

WWL Group

March 25, 2016