Implement the National Strategy of "One Belt and One Road" Expand the Innovation Business for "Sea-railway Combined Transportation"
Update time: 2016-04-20

When the first ray of sunlight spreads to Tianshan Mountains on the early morning of April 19, two containers carried by WWL Group have been transported to Qingdao Port more than 4000km away from Xinjiang Inland by railway, and the ultimate destination is the more distant Dar es Salaam Port, Tanzania, East Africa. The business is the first trial for WWL Group to implement the national strategy of "one belt and one road" and proactively expand the innovative business model for "sea-railway combined transportation". Sea-railway combined transportation changed the original business model of "collectively forwarding to coastal port by railway + discharging to the warehouse for storage + shipping container" to the model of "directly transporting from the factory to the ultimate destination by shipping container". The model not only reduces the cargo losses and logistics time of the traditional logistics pattern for the foreign trade clients in Xinjiang, but also greatly saves logistics cost.

According to the national strategy of "one belt and one road" and west development, WWL Group proactively implements "going out" international development strategy, and strives to plan the layout and expand the market in the countries along with "one belt and one road". In virtue of the resources, experience and ability accumulated in "Maritime Silk Road" over the years, WWL Group plans to further perform its capability intensively in inland railway transport market and sea-railway combined transportation business. In order to respond the policy guidance that establish "land port" in Urumchi and cargo concentration and evacuation center in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, WWL Group will proactively expand the sea-railway combined transportation combined logistics business in Xinjiang taking Xinjiang as the bridgehead and frontier of Eurasia Land Bridge.

During the period of giving a friendly visit to UAE in the company of the delegation in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in last October, Lin Jie - the president of WWL Group, Sheckleyti Shaker - the chairman of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and Mr. Jian Weijie - the executive vice-president of Emirates Shipping Line conducted in-depth communication and exchange with over 20 representatives from large and medium-sized enterprises about comprehensively carrying out the sea-railway combined transportation business in Xinjiang.

Looking into the future, WWL Group will continue to strengthen the cooperation with Emirates Shipping Line and Xinjiang government, comprehensively combine the resources of each party and provides the whole integrated logistics services for the vast foreign trade manufacturers in Xinjiang. The first successful trial of "sea-railway combined transportation business" of WWL Group will deepen the expansion of logistics resources between WWL Group and Emirates Shipping Line, strengthen the communication and trust between Xinjiang local government and enterprises, which lays solid foundation for achieving the globalization development strategy.