WWL Group Puts Across the Whole Relocation Project of Printronix Factory
Update time: 2016-05-12

WWL Group successfully delivered the whole relocation project of Printronix Factory on May 10 and the factory was moved to Johore Bahru State, Malaysia from Singapore.

As the third logistics provider of whole relocation project of Printronix Factory, WWL Group Shanghai Headquarters closely cooperates with Singapore Branch and provides the customers with efficient, economic and high-quality integrated services, which obtain the high recognition and reputation from the clients.

Printronix officially announced the open tendering in the form of inviting bid in October 2015. WWL Group participated in the tender bidding as one of numerous invited units. As for the characteristics of the project, WWL project team has made a lot of further research and comprehensive preparations. The scheme covers the packaging and shrink packaging scheme of various equipment and machineries; Land transport scheme for air bumpers and standard trucks; Scheme of loading and unloading heavy pieces and over-large goods for the professional equipment tools; Scheme of customs clearance and declaration formalities in Singapore/Malaysia; Relocation scheme when the equipment and machineries arrive at the specified destination, and emergency management scheme in case of accidents; Because of making careful preparations, WWL Group stood out from numerous competitors and smoothly got the official project authorization in this February. From the feedback of the client, our scheme optimized the procedures for equipment dismantling, installation and commissioning and vehicle arrangement, etc., which improves the safety coefficient in the equipment relocation process, shortens the relocation cycle, minimizes the influence of factory shutdown and interruption and wins the client's trust.

“We always regard Printronix Factory relocation project as system engineering rather than a single logistics engineering. We will provide the global solutions conforming to the customer's requirements”, said by Henry Pek, the director of Overseas Development Department of WWL Group.

Although enough preparations have been made in the early stage, the relocation project of the factory with 40-year history shall be executed in a complicated systematic engineering way either for its relocation scale or difficulty. It is a professional and difficult business type, requiring long-term project operation experience, transport ability of large pieces, coordination and control ability. We may control the global situation and control the costs with deep understanding about the commodity inspection and customs policy. Since the project implementation, the site coordination and organization construction are faced with high difficulty. WWL Group project team is faced with huge pressure: how to coordinate and ensure different subcontractors to provide high-quality and seamless connection services; how to handle customs clearance procedures efficiently and accurately; how to fill in the complicated official documents accurately; how to deal with the abnormal and emergency conditions at site. Facing with challenges, each team member cooperates in an orderly way. During the whole project implementation process, they proactively coordinate and communicate with the customer, improve the scheme and tackle the difficulties and problems one by one. Finally, WWL Group received the high recognition and affirmation of the client with high-standard management and professional services in the project relocation process.

The success in the whole relocation project of Printronix Factory indicates WWL Group made breakthrough in the project logistics business field, established and consolidated the cooperation relationship with Printronix at the same time and laid solid foundation for both parties in the long-term operation of supply chain business in the future.

Group photo of Sean A Irby, the vice president of global operations of Printronix and Henry Pek, the director of Overseas Development Department of WWL Group