WWL Group Successfully Accomplishes Assaluyeh Petroleum Refining 800-ton Ethyl Alcohol Synthetic Tower Project in Bushehr Province under the National Iranian Oil Company
Update time: 2016-06-13

At 5:00 a.m., the Project Logistics Department Teams of Worldwide Logistics Group had been busy in Jinlong Wharf of Zhangjiagang when it was not at dawn, for the sake of making busy preparations for the shipment receiving and hoisting 800-ton ethyl alcohol synthetic tower of Assaluyeh petroleum refining in Bushehr Province under National Iranian Oil Company.

In April 2016, Worldwide Logistics Group formally signed the Transportation Contract for Assaluyeh Petroleum Refining Project in Bushehr Province with National Iranian Oil Company. On May 1, the company dispatched specially-assigned persons to come to Iranian Oil Company to make active negotiation and coordination with owners and every party for the sake of making adequate preparations for the earlier-stage transportation construction. On May 7, the Logistics Department Teams of Engineering Project came to Jinlong Wharf of Zhangjiagang to orderly organize barge to receive and hoist the 800-ton ethyl alcohol synthetic tower. After 18 days, the cargo arrived at the destination (Assaluyeh suburb, Bushehr Province, Iran), and the whole project was successfully accomplished.

Considering that the project is the most difficult project in the Worldwide history, even the project with extremely high professional degree and extreme difficult operation in the whole industry regardless of the sufficient preparations at the earlier stage, thus the Worldwide Logistics Group pays high attention, as for the details, Lin Jie (the president of the Group) came to the construction site to guide the work, as a result, employees work in union and accomplish every detail to ensure that the project will be implemented successfully. The project difficulty is that Iran is still restricted by many parties with strict sea transportation requirements although the international sanction has been eliminated recently, as a result, many shipowners are still vigilant for Iran to refuse to accept cargos of Iran, therefore, the shipowners have little choice at all. Besides, due to the outmoded devices on the discharging port, there is no crane equipment which can provide more than 400-ton cargos, therefore, the barge is requested to be equipped with the supporting devices with 1,500-2,000 tons cargo of loading & unloading capacity. However, neither the domestic ship companies and nor the foreign large-ship companies failed to operate such barges. Finally, the Worldwide Logistics Group has successfully solved the barge problem after negotiation with many parties. There is also huge pressure and challenge in the loading & uploading process on the wharf. Firstly, as a timber wharf, Jinlong Wharf of Zhangjiagang has not operated the heavy lift vessel operation, nor has the supporting employees. Therefore, the professional team and sailors of Worldwide Logistics Group shall carry out the collaborative operation in the process of coordinating wharf to clear the shoreside timbers before barge arrival, receiving cargos and carrying out the hoisting operation. As a smaller wharf in Iran, the destination wharf (Assaluyeh of Iran) is based on the petrochemical products exporting with very few large parts operation and insufficient operation experience. For this purpose, the company has dispatched the professional staff to come to Assaluyeh, Iran to help owners with the on-site operation and ensure that the operation on the destination can be successfully accomplished. An unexpected error has occurred in the cargo loading & uploading process. Due to the customer' negligence and the false gravity of cargo provided, the original operation plan shall be adjusted urgently. In such case, the Worldwide Teams Held conference with customers and technicians of shipowners to make negotiation, and formulate the emergency schemes, as a result, the problems were successfully solved to ensure that the operation plan could be accomplished with favorable quality in time.

The safe loading of 800-ton ethyl alcohol synthetic tower of Assaluyeh petroleum refining in Bushehr Province under National Iranian Oil Company is considered as an important milestone for Worldwide Logistics Group to expand the transportation market for overseas heavy equipment, as a result, which has opened a new chapter in the heavy equipment transportation field for the overseas engineering.

6:00, the barge arrived at Zhangjiagang Port and be standby for work

9:00, the professional staff of Engineering Logistics Business Division of Worldwide Logistics Group arrived at the site for preparations.

9:10, the crew prepared deck dunnage materials.

11:00, the small goods entered the site for shipment.

12:45, the bulky cargo was prepared for entering the site

13:00, a gravity center mistake was found on the client's drawings temporarily, and the technicians of Worldwide Logistics Group organized the site conference to coordinate and solve the problem urgently.

14:00, the cargos was in place beside the ship for lifting

14:30, the lifting device was in position, and the lifting started

15:00, the cargo was lifted successfully

15:30, the cargo crossed the ship's rail

15:45, the cargo landed on the ship successfully

On May 7, Lin Jie, the president of Worldwide Logistics Group came to the Jinlong wharf of Zhangjiagang to command the unloading with the Iranian owner representative.

On May 25, the cargo arrived at the destination port Assaluyeh suburb, Bushehr, Iran, and the project was completed successfully.