Chief Commercial Officer of The Maersk Group Visited WWL
Update time: 2016-11-03

A 4-persons delegation of The Maersk Group including the Chief Commercial Officer Vincent Clerc, the Asia Pacific Region Chief Executive Robbert van Trooijen, Greater China Region President Silvia Ding and Thomas Theeuwes, the Greater China Region General Manager of Safmarine visited the headquarter of Worldwide Logistics Group on the afternoon of Nov 2, they were warmly welcomed by Jacky Lim, the president of Worldwide Logistics Group, the both parties negotiated and communicated friendly in the VIP hall. The president Lin Jie thanked the Maersk Group for their long-term supports, introduced the developing process, enterprise culture and the recent development of Worldwide Logistics Group, he also highlighted that Worldwide Logistics Group had been one of the global top 30 logistics enterprises on the marine container business. Mr. Vincent Clerc, the Chief Commercial Officer of The Maersk Group, introduced the developing strategies of the Maersk Group. The both parties communicated deeply on the hot topics of the international shipping market, and also talked about the further cooperation issues. The senior mangers of Worldwide Logistics Group including Henry Wang, the Overseas Development Division Manager, Jack Zheng, the East China Operating Center Manager, and Dream Xu, the Group President Assistant and Asian Business Director also accompanied and participated in the meeting.

As one of the largest international comprehensive logistics service providers in China, Worldwide Logistics Group not only has advantages of the market shares, but takes the leading position on the product lines and comprehensive strengths. Worldwide Logistics Group and Safmarine under the Maersk Group singed a strategic cooperation agreement on Sept 1, Worldwide Logistics Group has become the only Global Key Accoount in China until now, and the both parties expressed the will of further cooperation and wanted to be the strategic partner of each other.

Worldwide Logistics Group has carried out the Core Carrier Program recently, strengthening the purchasing concentration of carrier resources, creating three to five strategically cooperated carriers with good results achieved. With the downturn severe international shipping market environment, the marine container business volume of the first three quarters in this year has increased by about 12% on a year-over-year basis, and the marine container business volume of the whole year is expected to be over 400,000 TEU, taking the leading position among the domestic private logistics enterprises and groups.