Entrepreneurs from ZHisland Visited Worldwide Logistics Group
Update time: 2016-11-30

The Worldwide Logistics Group president Lin Jie received over ten entrepreneurs of ZHisland Shanghai Island Neighbor Organ presidium on Nov 25, and discussed deeply with the visiting entrepreneurs on the topics including how to promote communication among trans-boundary enterprises, and cooperation for mutual benefits etc.

ZHisland is the domestic largest entrepreneur communication platform on the basis of O2O services, and be specialized in serving the contemporary Chinese entrepreneurs, specialists, scholars and celebrities with most influences. ZHisland has 6000 members right now.As the Chinese No. 1 high-end contact web and value sharing platform, ZHisland was guiding the entrepreneurs on the island for transformation and innovations, creating the innovative mode of serving the entrepreneur group in the mobile internet era, as mentioned by Zhang Bo, the senior partner and the general manager of National Member Department.ZHisland would promote the cooperation between Worldwide Logistics Group and more innovative enterprises, creating a better ecological environment for the development of Worldwide Logistics Group.

After the development of over 10 years, Worldwide Logistics Group had become one of the top 50 global logistics enterprises with full products, its branches and partners were around the world, the marine container business has been one of the top 30 enterprise of the global logistics industry, and Worldwide Logistics Group was one of the largest comprehensive logistics service providers in China, said by the Lin Jie during the discussion.Worldwide Logistics Group would realize its Internet-enabled upgrading from a traditional enterprise with the information communication platform of ZHisland, accelerating its internationalization transformation, creating the largest privately operated international shipping logistics enterprise in China with the best services.

The visiting chairmen of ZHisland Shanghai Island Neighbor Organ presidium include Huang Hui, the executive partner of Texas Pacific Group, Fu Zhonghong, the partner of Shenzhen Fortune Venture Capital Co., Ltd., Shen Qinhua, the chairman and president of Heal Force Instruments (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Cai Hongzhuan, the president of Huachang Holding Grop Co., Ltd., Qi Hongbo, the chairman of Sunny World Group, Chen Dongsheng, the general manager of Shanghai Tongan Investment Management Co., Ltd., and Qiu Guojin, the chairman and CEO of Shanghai Happy-Creator and the founder of Biechipang, etc.The entrepreneurs discussed about the topics including current social and economical situations and the capital market, they stated their unique understandings and opinions, hoping to realize mutual benefits through cooperation with resources polymerization and "embracing" development.