Annual Meeting of Worldwide Logistics Group 2017 Was Held Solemnly
Update time: 2017-01-24

On January 21st, the Annual Meeting of Worldwide Logistics Group in 2017 was solemnly held at the Golden Jaguar Plaza in Yangpu District, Shanghai. All the employees at the headquarter of Worldwide Logistics Group and in Shanghai, the management of the branches nationwide, the nationwide 10-Years loyal employees, the middle management up to level fifteen nationwide etc. attended this annual meeting, in the meantime, guests from Shanghai Suray Logistics Technology Co., Ltd., PwC, Banks and Securities were also invited for the annual meeting, along with the partners of the vehicle team, customs broker and warehouses with a total of more than 400 people gathered at the same hall for the celebration of the meeting.

By the announcement of Huang Zhen and Jin Yan who were the hosts, the annual meeting of Worldwide Logistics Group in 2017 was officially started.

The meeting started with the chronicle of events for Worldwide Logistics Group in 2016, which reviewed the honors and achievements gained by the group in 2016, it resonated with all the colleagues present and guests present also praised for it.

After that, the president Lin Jie came for the congratulations of the spring festival. President Lin said that the manufacturing industry has entered its winter in 2016, the real economy is gloomy, yet Worldwide Logistics Group ascended to be one of the top 50 global logistic enterprises by the good performance with more than 400 thousand TEU for the total business of international sea freight container and 120 thousand tons for the air freight, of which it is listed as the No. 30 for the sea freight and No. 46 for the air freight, which is worth for all the colleagues at Worldwide Logistics Group to be proud of. In addition, President Lin made a conclusion for the multiple items of achievements gained by Worldwide Logistics Group in 2016 and set a new expectation and target for 2017, he also analyzed the problems exposed in the development of Worldwide Logistics Group for which he encouraged the employees to keep the sense of crisis at any time, consolidate the base for the sustainable growth of Worldwide Logistics in future with the good play of the current advantages. At last, President Lin expressed his affirmation and appreciation for the contribution of all the employees to Worldwide Logistics in the past year; let us be united for the creation of a more beautiful future.

After the wonderful speech of President Lin, the three big prizes including “Excellent Employees 2016”, “5-Years Honorable Employees”, and “10-Years Loyal Employees” were released. Mr. Zheng Yongjie, the general manager of Worldwide Logistics Group Shanghai Center, Mr. Chen Xiangdong, the general manager of the Headquarter Operating Center awarded trophies for the “Excellent Employees 2016” and the “5-Years Honorable Employees” respectively, President Lin himself awarded trophy for the “10-Years Loyal Employees”. As a tradition, all the excellent employees will receive the generous rewards of free overseas tour with a period of one week and the paid annual leave, all the “10-Years Loyal Employees” will receive a platinum ring. The development of Worldwide Logistics Group cannot be without the hard work and joint efforts of all the colleagues, the company is thankful for the loyalty and joint efforts of all the colleagues, the company is also thankful for the understanding and supports of the family members of all the colleagues.

To effectively mobilize the work enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of the core employees at the middle level, keep and better encourage the core employees, the company made the proposal of equity encouragement and brought the contract signing ceremony of equity encouragement to the annual meeting. Cai Jun, the manager of air freight department at the headquarter, Xue Yanhui, the director of the operating center in Fujian, Cao Yanyue, the manager of the management department for the shipping line of Shanghai, Chen Jiashan, the manager at the South China operating center and the manager of the branch in Hong Kong branch represented the employees of level 15, 16, 17 and 18 respectively to sign for the agreements of equity encouragement with President Lin Jie on site. After the signing ceremony, 4 red packages of RMB 8000 yuan for the employees of level 15, 3 red packages of RMB 10 thousand yuan for the employees of level 16, 2 red packages of RMB 20 thousand yuan for the employees of level 17, and 1 red package of RMB 30 thousand yuan for the employees of level 18 were drawn in the breathtaking lucky draw. The equity encouragements enables the core employees of the middle level to participate the decisions of the enterprises, share the profit and undertake the risks with the identity as a shareholder, let the employees take part in the long term development of the company in a closer way. President Lin Jie said that he intends to let all the employees feel that the company is a family; the company will be better and better by the reform.

The solemn awarding ceremony ended for the temporal time, the Wechat wall wishing tree in the big screen was open quietly, President Lin Jie first hung his wishes for the New Year which is “peaceful, healthy, joyful work, simple and happy” on the wishing tree. The guests and employees successively made their wishes respectively with sincerity through the Wechat Wall. May all your wishes come true and blossom in 2017.

The very day of the annual meeting was the birthday of Yan Hua, a colleague of the shipping route management department in Shanghai branch, as the representative of the birthday man, Yan Hua cut the cake, all the employees wished the employees who were born in January happy birthday and sang the birthday song together.

Next was the performance from the elites of Worldwide Logistics Group for their talents and arts, no one was left behind for the singing and dancing, with the Wechat vote of the present guests and employees, the wonderful dancing performance “the Society Shake” from the sales department gained the Oscar Prize of Worldwide Logistics Group for this year. The well-expected finale sketch performance of President Lin Jie was applauded by the present guests and employees and brought the climax of the whole meeting.

With the music “We are Family”, the Annual Meeting of Worldwide Logistics Group 2017 was closed successfully in the cantata of all the employees. In 2017, Worldwide Logistics Group will continue to be united, progressive for the mutual prosperity.

Worldwide Logistics Group President Lin Jie arrived at the Annual Meeting

Photo of Shanghai Suray Logistics Technology Co., Ltd. General Manager (Right) and Worldwide Logistics Group Aair Freight Department General Manager Mao Junlan (left)

The Hosts Announced for the Launching of the Annual Meeting

President Lin Jie Made His Speech

Photo of Excellent Employees 2016

Photo of 5-Years Honorable Employees

Photo of the 10-Years Loyal Employees

Contract Signing Ceremony of Middle Level Employee Equity Encouragement

New Year Wish from President Lin Jie

January Birthday Party

Dancing Performance of Sales Department

Sketch Performance from President Lin Jie