Charming Asia Sets Sail
Update time: 2017-02-09

Where is the first eight-star hotel in the world? Which country's currency is the most expensive in the world? Where is the birthplace of the three major religions in the world: Buddhism, Islam and Christianity? Which continent has the most volcanoes in the world? The answer to all these questions is "Asia".

Among the seven continents, Asia is the largest and most populous continent. Its name is also the oldest and its full name is Asian Continent which means "the place where the sun rises". Asia has a very long history and rich culture. China, India and Ancient Babylon, which are among the four ancient civilizations in the world, are all located in the Asian continent.

Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai

Taj Mahal in India

Gyeongbokgung Palace in South Korea

Merlion in Singapore

In 2016, Worldwide Logistics Group (WWL Group) achieved such satisfying business performance with the total volume of the international shipping container business reaching more than 400,000 TEU and 120,000 tons in air freight that it currently ranks top 10 among China's private international logistics companies and has also ranked top 50 among global freight forwarding companies, ranking 30th in sea freight and 46th in air freight, which makes managers and employees of WWL Group feel proud.

World Logistics Group in its headquarters has established four departments under Sea Freight which are respectively the North American Route Department, Europe-Mediterranean Sea Route Department, North-South Route Department (Latin America and Australia) and Asian Route Department. Particularly the Asian Route Department completed 240,000 TEU in freight forwarding container business in 2016, accounting for 60% of the Group's total business and is the core brand product business of the Group.

Worldwide Logistics Group's annual sea freight container business volume exceeded by 400,000 TEU

There are five routes in the Asian Route Department of WWL Group and they are respectively the Middle Eastern, India-Pakistan, Red Sea, Southeast Asian and Near Sea routes. The following below is a brief introduction.

1. The Middle-Eastern Route:

Since the founding of WWL Group in 2001, the Middle Eastern route has always been its core business and brand product. In 2016, the container capacity completed in the Middle Eastern route freight forwarding business by WWL Group increased by more than 8% compared to 2015, reaching 117,000 TEU and accounting for about 6% market share in China's Middle Eastern route market, thus making WWL Group a well-deserved winner in the market and exceeding other competitors.

2. The India-Pakistan Route and the Red Sea Route:

The India-Pakistan route and the Red Sea route are one of WWL Group's advantageous businesses and shows a good trend of steady growth. In 2016, the container capacity completed in the India-Pakistan route and the Red Sea route freight forwarding businesses by WWL Group reached 66,000 TEU, among which the business in Pakistan showed a substantial growth of more than 30%. Benefited from the national strategy "One Belt, One Road", the businesses in the India-Pakistan route and the Red Sea route will continue to keep a good trend of growth.

3. The Southeast Asian Route and Near Sea Route:

As China has signed free trade agreements with ASEAN and South Korea, the quantum of trade between China and ASEAN and South Korea shows a trend of rapid development. In 2016, the container capacity completed in the Southeast Asian route and Near Sea route freight forwarding businesses by WWL Group reached 57,000 TEU with a 60% growth year-on-year and showed a rapid trend of development and growth.

Xu Zhonghua, Assistant President& Director of the Asian Route Department

Xu Zhiqian, Deputy Director of the Asian Route Department

WWL Group's Asian routes have the following major advantages in businesses:

1. Network coverage of the whole Asia

Whether customers are in domestic ports along the coast or the river, or in Hong Kong, Taipei, Singapore, Mumbai or Dubai, WWL Group still can provide customers with a variety of integrated logistics solutions and outstanding services because WWL Group has more than 40 subsidiaries throughout Asia.

2. Close cooperation relationship with key shipping lines

WWL Group keeps close cooperation relationship with each key shipping line that is engaged in the Asian routes and enjoys a more favorable policy in both sea freight prices and protected space of vessels. WWL Group has been listed by some key shipping lines as a core global customer.

3. Stable support from quality customers

From North China's chemical products, tires, building materials, or East China's mechanical and electrical products, photovoltaic panels, textiles to South China's white goods, furniture and clothing, WWL Group, with its first-rate services, always gets stable business support from tens of thousands of quality customers.

4. Rich experience in route operations

Through over ten years' patient operations in the Asian routes and whether by marketing, route procurement, or customer service and document operations, WWL Group is constantly strengthening its capabilities in management and has accumulated rich experience in route operations.

Looking ahead to 2017, Worldwide Logistics Group will continue to focus on the development of the Asian routes as its core business, building the Middle Eastern route with care, promoting the business growth in the India-Pakistan route with every effort and attaching great importance to the development of the Southeast Asian market. We hope that customers, ship-owners, agents and peer companies continue to give support and concern to WWL Group's Asia routes. We thank you for your care and help and hope the international shipping market in 2017 may become better and better!