10th Anniversary Celebration Ceremony of Air Freight Division of WWL Was Held Grandly
Update time: 2017-02-20

2017 is the 10th anniversary of Air Freight Division of Worldwide Logistics Group. In order to commemorate this historic moment, the new spring commencement ceremony of Air Freight Division of Worldwide Logistics Group in 2017 and the tenth anniversary celebration are grandly held at Shanghai Ziyang Fuhao Haitian Building on Feb. 12. All staff of Air Freight Division in Shanghai, important clients and close cooperation partners amounting to over 200 persons merrily gathered to celebrate this grand occasion.

Patrick Mao, General Manager of Air Freight Division of Worldwide Logistics Group

Cooperation partners of Air Freight Division of Worldwide Logistics Group

Air Freight Division of Worldwide Logistics Group has expanded territory within the past ten years and has made brilliant achievements. Its employer quantity has developed to 230 from 6 ten years ago; Its business types change to charter flight and wrapper sheet, internal warehouse, external field and automatic warehouse (including several product lines) from single air transport import and export; Annual volume of business has increased to 120,000 freight tons from the initial 3500 freight tons; Starting from Shanghai, it establishes branches in Chongqing, Beijing, Shenzhen and Guangzhou successively and rhythmically deepens localization strategic layout; In December 2016, Air Freight Division of Worldwide Logistics Group spent huge fund in building the first fully automated intelligent stereoscopic warehouse in Shanghai Pudong International Airport, and Worldwide Logistics Group became the largest ground operation agency company for air transportation in Shanghai. Relying on good achievement 120,000 tons of air freight volumes in 2016, now Worldwide Logistics Group ranks top 10 Chinese private international logistics enterprises and top 50 global freight forwarder enterprises, in which its air transportation ranks the 46th, strengthening its position in the industry and manifesting its strength in the global logistics industry.

It's hoped that Air Freight Division of Worldwide Logistics Group will continue to unite in a concerted effort with collective purposes forming a fortress, exploit existing advantages to the full, making steady progress on the road of extending scale and internationalization, tamp the groundwork of achieving growth in the future based on better quality, hammer at becoming a comprehensive logistics service provider with network covering the whole world and complete product line and strive to grow into the best international logistics company in China together with China's internationalized process in the next ten years.