WWL Group Dabbles in E-commerce Field, Aiming at Australian Market for First Campaign
Update time: 2017-03-10

Under the impact of a series of factors like the international economic integration, the acceleration of development of the industry of overseas online business, etc., more and more e-commerce platforms start to consider the international market as a new land and try to expand their business overseas. To many B2C transnational e-commerce platforms in China, the competition of the market is undoubtedly fierce, the possession of the real purchasing channel of foreign commodities, the logistics distribution system with fast response, the warehousing and logistics service provider with low cost have become the key for the e-commerce platforms to win in the competition. Worldwide Logistics Group which has dabbled in the international logistics market for many years, catches the opportunity of the market development and takes actions actively for which it has successfully landed in the market of Australia.

The transnational warehousing and logistics project overseas lands in Australia, the international strategy of Worldwide Logistics Group takes a substantial step again.

With the steady internationalization progress for Worldwide Logistics Group, the branch of the group set in Australia was officially established in December 2016, it is planned to expand the international logistics business of Australia for the region of the whole Oceania and New Zealand within three to five years for the formation of a huge and optimized business network.

Eversafe Logistics is a warehouse operating company under Worldwide Logistics Group. It is principally engaged in the construction of cloud warehouse which is the most important part of the group in the development planning of expanding the logistics market of overseas e-commerce. With the help of the privileged advantage of international logistics resources of the group, Eversafe Logistics has achieved the strategic cooperation with VIPS, and it aims at the market of Australia for the first campaign. This action marks the official online for the e-commerce business of Worldwide Logistics Group, the strategy of internationalization again takes a substantial step.

With the powerful condition of software and hardware, Worldwide Logistics Group is ready to go.

In order to develop the local business in Australia, Worldwide Logistics Group has set up a large warehouse with 2500 square meters at a position that is convenient for the traffic within the border of Australia, in addition, there is another warehouse with a space of 1000 m2 which is under construction. In the meantime, 700 pallets are equipped for the storage with professional packaging equipment of which 300 pallets can be taken in and sent out every day, the daily handling capacity for the package is 8000 pcs. The group has made the sufficient preparation for the market of Australia, it is completely capable to cope the logistics business of high load.

The warehouse overseas and the VMI management of Worldwide Logistics Group avoid the problems like long cycle of purchase and delivery and the commodity being not fresh and so forth for the e-commerce who use the domestic bonded warehouse or rent the overseas warehouse, all the processes are linked with one another from the customers placing the order, sorting packaging to the outbound and delivery which greatly shorten the delivery time and solve the bottleneck problems like high inventory turnover etc. let many partners get the benefit.

Benefited from the strength on the facet of software and hardware and the rich experience on the operation in the logistics industry, Worldwide Logistics Group which successfully established the warehouse in Australia was liked by many enterprises like VIPS International, Fengqu Hai tao, Motherbuy, Xujiahui Shopping Mall etc., it directly established the cooperative relationship with many brands in Australia, including the multiple categories of baby products, dietary supplements, fashion clothes etc., the brands of Australia such as UGG EVER, OZ WEAR, Mubbo UGG, OZ LANNA, Swiss, Blackmores, Minijumbuk, Bioisland, etc. Worldwide Logistics Group is still expanding its brand partners and introduces the featured transshipment business and agency purchase and delivery service that meet the one-stop shopping needs of the E family for overseas online shopping.

The four core advantages of e-commerce business of Worldwide Logistics Group fill the strong competitiveness for the collaborators.

Worldwide Logistics Group has the advantages on the four aspects which greatly improve the competitive strength of transnational e-commerce.

On the aspect of order, Worldwide Logistics Group achieves the abutment with domestic and foreign e-commerce platforms of large scale like Taobao, Jingdong, yihaodian, ebay, Aliexpress, Amazon etc., and the unified management for orders on multiple platforms; it supports the operations like the transnational e-commerce business, order split, combination, intelligent examination of documents, package and free gifts, etc.

On the aspect of warehousing, it supports the bar code management, the storage will be deduced synchronously, the storage locations will be accurately divided, and the location display of the warehouse inventory will be graphical for the convenience of operation on the inbound, outbound and inquiry for the inventory. In the meantime, it also supports the EDI of third party ERP system.

On the aspect of business integration, through the EDI with the standard financial system, achieve the systemic management of e-commerce business and finance. Through the collaboration of supply chain management and logistics system, achieve the integrated operation of e-commerce and logistics. Through the seamless transition of warehouse system and the wireless terminal, achieve the intelligent warehouse management.

On the aspect of automated storage management, through the seamless integration of the wireless terminal with the automatic line and the warehouse information management system, achieve the intelligent warehouse management, integrate with the smart and efficient automatic sorting line, reduce the manual cost of warehouse distribution, and improve the operational efficiency, improve the speed and accuracy of information transfer.

With the gradual development of e-commerce business in Australia, Worldwide Logistics Group accomplished the role transition from the traditional forwarder to the solution provider of total supply chain; its target is to dedicate itself into the forging of outstanding service of total supply chain which is initially achieved and further accelerates the progress of expansion in the international market.

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