Devise Strategies within a Command to Win a Victory Thousands Miles Away - WWL Is Going to Cover the North American E-commerce Market
Update time: 2017-03-15

Worldwide Logistics Group (WWL) has paid more attention to its supply chain business since the beginning of 2017. In March, the group’s e-commerce business was successfully launched in the Australian market, and the group has been planning to set foot in the North American market in April. After thorough preparations, WWL is going to officially cover the North American e-commerce market in April.

WWL Set Foot in the North American E-commerce Market in a Full Scale in April

Success in the Australian e-commerce market accumulated useful e-commerce experience for WWL, making the group able to present supply chain solutions for its clients. Meanwhile, thanks to years of international logistics experience, WWL has laid a solid foundation for its business in North America.

Such giant e-commerce platforms as Amazon and E-bay have developed rapidly in the recent two years, promising to monopolize the North American retail market. Attracted by the enormous market development space, many domestic export-orientated enterprises are interested in the North American market, and try to enter it through cross-border e-commerce. In an age where the customers have higher requirements for the product price and logistics speed, it’s vital for a company achieving success in the overseas market to have good stock management mechanism, rapid logistics distribution system and affordable stock logistics expense. Therefore, when exploring the overseas market, those companies exceptionally aim at high-quality logistics partners.

At present, WWL has finished the preliminary preparations, and the e-commerce business would release in North America in April. Thanks to the key competitive edges of the group, WWL will undoubtedly seize the North American market.

With Various Competitive Edges, WWL Helps its Cooperation Partners to Achieve Success

WWL provides three kinds of FBA transfer services from the main Chinese ports to America including Full Container Load (FCL) by sea, Less Than Container Load (LCL) by sea and air transport. They consist of first station of those LCL, cash on delivery at the place of delivery, customs clearance/generation tariff, port bunching, labeling, FBA reservation/distribution, rejection of goods and after-sales service. Besides, the products handled by WWL can be ordered in America’s eastern city of Atlantic and western city of Los Angeles without transferring to FBA while enjoying the logistics distribution service of Amazon Prime.

WWL boasts 8 overseas locations around the eastern and western coasts, able to provide the cross-border e-commerce sellers with efficient custom clearance service. It can help the clients to control the storage cost and provide Pick & Pack, Drop Shipping and LTL around America. What’s more, it is able to offer accurate and on-time storage management and logistics data, ensuring that the products are sent to the terminal clients within two days, that the logistics expense is greatly reduced and that the emergencies are positively dealt with. One thing to be noticed is that the clients can enjoy the universe contract price of Fedex when sending products to any state of America.

To better serve the domestic enterprises which intend to explore the international market, WWL also engages in the TP field. The group ranked top 20 in Amazon in 2016 among the professional Chinese e-commerce operation teams in America with a sales volume of 600 million US dollars. WWL is able to offer the clients the market trend based on the big data, the shared platform information and other services, enabling the clients to create their own brands rapidly and attract their potential customers. WWL helps its clients to get more support and reputation of their brands, thus making them get their deals done. In addition, WWL is going to take advantage of the resources in North America to provide the cooperation partners with off-line products display, intellectual property protection and other value-added services, thus presenting a real supply chain solution.

As the e-commerce business in the North American market is on the way, WWL, after all-round preparation, is going to open a new chapter in the e-commerce field with a long-term vision and high aspirations.