Working together to Scale New Heights The Outward-bound Training of WWL Group Successfully Held
Update time: 2017-05-22

The same piece of iron can either be melted into ashes or tempered into steel; the same team can either be unaccomplished or make great achievements. The competition between enterprises is becoming more and more reflected in their cultural levels. Corporate culture has become the cornerstone of enterprise competitiveness and the key factor that ultimately determines the rise and fall. In order to enhance the team’s cooperative engagement capability and strengthen enterprise culture construction, the outward-bound training of Worldwide Logistics Group kicked off in Shanghai Yuehu Sculpture Park on May 21.

The theme of this training is “Working together to Scale New Heights”, which aims at training the team, building trust, promoting team communication, strengthening teamwork, encouraging everybody to take responsibilities and embracing challenges, so as to further enhance the team’s combat effectiveness and cohesion, and build a united, collaborative, aggressive and excellent team full of passion.

With more than 300 employees from Integrated Management Division, General Accouting Division, Sea Freight Division, Overseas Business Development Divison, Air Freight Division, Project Logistics Division, Chemical Project Division, ATC Worldwide China limited, China Poland Trading Co.,Ltd and Shanghai branch, “air-sea-land” trainees were gathered together in Songjiang District to usher in a capability-themed self-improvement.

The training was comprised of three parts and each aimed to train different capabilities. All employees were divided into 20 small groups led by 4 big teams to complete various challenging tasks by means of cooperation and competition. The “Dragons Fetching Water” program focused on building teamwork and enhancing organizational cohesion. The challenging “Touring around the World in 80 Days” program let employees know the importance of effective communication and how to achieve goals by cross-department collaboration under high pressure. The last challenge program called “Crossing over the Future” was full of twists and turns, during which employees continued to be thwarted and ultimately all of the three hundred employees worked together and succeeded in the challenge with collective wisdom and concerted efforts. When the last employee successfully “crossed over the future”, the audience burst into cheers. In addition to the excitement, everybody deeply realized their responsibility of being a member of the team, and that individual success must be based on the joint efforts and common support of other members of the team.

The one-day high-intensity training was full of joy and sweat, harvest and wonderful memories. Although tired, everyone was spirited and vibrant. The outward-bound training is a drill of Worldwide Logistics Group poised for vigorous expansion in the international logistics market, and it is bound to push forward the development of the group.