Core Middle Management Became Shareholders of WWL Group
Update time: 2017-06-15

On June 6, an equity incentive contract signing ceremony was held by Worldwide Logistics Group in Shanghai. More than 30 employees from Integrated Management Division, Overseas Business Development Divison, Air Freight Divison, Chemical Project Division, Project Logistics Division and the Shanghai branch, officially became shareholders of the Company since that day by signing equity incentive contracts.

The equity incentive program of Worldwide Logistics Group, as an effective method to attract and retain talents, is aimed to inspire the middle management with enthusiasm, initiative and innovation. Those who have been rewarded with equity are core members of management and business above Rank 15 with at least 3 years of experience. With shares of the Company, they are not only entitled to have a share in profits but will also be better engaged in the management and development of the Group. Such program will ensure the Group plays an active role in the increasingly intensive competition for talents and effectively facilitate its healthy long-term development.

After that, the Group will further sign equity incentive contracts with core middle management members of Qingdao branch, Ningbo branch, Yangtze River Region Operations Center, Fuzhou branch, Xiamen branch and South China Operations Center.