A View on the Blood Donation Activity of WorldWide Logistics Group
Update time: 2017-06-29

A View on the Blood Donation Activity of WorldWide Logistics Group

Today, upon stepping into the Shanghai Base, WorldWide Logistics Group, a sense of difference can be easily felt by its guest – that is exactly the sense of love and kindness. All the LET screens in the three floors were displaying charity commercials and promotions, presenting the proud idea of volunteer blood donation. “Do you know that 200 ml blood that you donate, occupying only the 5% of the whole body in human beings, can be the very hope for an emergency patient in an operation? To save an agonal life, to save a family.” Short yet powerful as this sentence is, it touches the very deep of every heart in WorldWide Logistics Group.

To donate the reproducible blood, to save our life that can be lived for only once.

Intensive attention has been paid to the pro bono pursuits by our group, and we are getting more and more involved in such activities since it has already been the third year that we participated in blood donation. Since the initiative, every member in WorldWide has been proactively responsive and registered enthusiastically, hence forming a volunteer battalion.

At half past eight in the morning, as the blood donation vehicle has arrived Junjiang International Mansion, everything has been ready for start: blood donors were distributed with forms for registering their personal information before being tested of blood pressure and health. The donation can start only after ensuring the both the donors and bloods are healthy to be donated. Among the donors, apart from senior employers who have devoted themselves to our group, a number of freshmen that have participated in job only in recent can also be seen. Harrying to and fro, people there, in the vehicle, have left us a warm impression of selfishness and generosity.

Leaders of WorldWide Logistics Group take the lead to blood donation.

The administrative level has heeded to the call soon after the initiative had been launched by our company. Managers in various fields all clamored to take the lead and give their personal and impersonal supports to the activity. Eric Zhou, the General Manager Of Chemical Project Division, takes the lead in blood donation every year, indicating that “to do so is to practice charity, and I do think that it is worth to carry on and promote such spirit – to dedicate yourself to others who are in need.” Dickson Yep, the General Manager Of Project Logistics Division, has arrived at the spot early this morning, despite the delay of his flight last night due to the inclemency. “It is a generous and kind deed to help those patients in need by blood donation, such a philanthropic act that benefits both others and ourselves. From the perspective of a citizen, it is our obligation to do so.”, noted by Dickson Yep. Bob Ye, the chief inspector of administration department and publicity department, also plays an exemplary role in blood donation and calls on more people to be involved in the pro bono pursuits.

Blood donor: Eric Zhou, The General Manager Of Chemical Project Division.

Blood donor: Bob Ye, The Director of President Affairs Office & Director of Administrative and Cultural Transmission.

A majority of donors have participated in for many times.

Those who have donated more than once, like Mr. Zhou, the general manager, have made up the majority. Chen Chunfeng, a console operator in Changshu branch office, have been donated blood for eight years in a row. This year, as usual, he went out of his way to Shanghai to participate in this activity. “I just want to help more people while I am young and healthy! The more I give, the more help recipient can get.” said by Chen.

Blood donor: Chen Chunfeng, a console operator in Changshu branch office, WorldWide logistics Group.

When getting the blood donation card, everyone was gratified and smiling to each other. At that moment, the whole building of the company was brimmed with joyfulness and proudness. With 5200 ML from 26 employers, the staff of WorldWide Logistics Group were the most beautiful and lovely people today!

Blood donors: the employers of WorldWide Logistics Group