WWL Successfully Completes the Canoeing (hydrostatic) Carriage Project for Hong Kong Delegation of the 13th National Games of Chin
Update time: 2017-09-27

In the high-profile 13th National Games of China, Hong Kong delegation played beyond expectation and made a great breakthrough in hydrostatic canoeing. Worldwide Logistics Group, as their equipment carrier, also feels proud and honored.

Engineering project logistics division of Worldwide Logistics Group was responsible for carriage of the canoes (hydrostatic, single; doubles) of Hong Kong Delegation and Tianjin branch company implemented this project. From inquiry acceptance and overall plan making to the canoes arrival at the competition terrain, it only took 12 days, during which tripartite communication and coordination among organizing committee, Hong Kong Delegation and the custom should be carried out, various complicated and professional procedures ought to be completed and proper pre-arranged plans needed to be made to cope with traffic jams and road closure. In such a short period, any problem or mistake might influence Hong Kong Delegation`s participating in the competition and led to disastrous consequence. To make sure that the project can be conducted smoothly, the engineering project logistics division planned routes and sites in advance and coordinated with other divisions for customs declaration, packing and transportation and the arrangement in competition terrains. Finally, thanks to the professional ability, abundant experience and perfect logistics service net, it took only 3 days to finish the clearance and the canoes were sent to the terrain on September, 2nd, 1 day ahead of time, which guaranteed that the players had enough time to adapt to the terrains. On September 10th, with all equipment arriving in Hong Kong, the carriage project was completed successfully. This carriage project showed the great strength and professional ability of the engineering project logistics division of Worldwide Logistics Group and Tianjin branch company and Hong Kong Delegation spoke highly of this carriage project.

Engineering project logistics business is one of the key businesses of Worldwide Logistics Group`s three-year development strategy planning and it involves multimodal transport, ship chartering and space booking, packaging, storage, port transfer, customs clearance, inspection submission, insurance and consultation service of foreign and domestic large-scale projects and export contracting engineering projects. In recent years, the company has undertaken many large-scale projects including large-size goods through carriage, inland transportation and international railway through transportation with its services covering many nations and regions like Asia, Africa, America and the Middle East area. Meanwhile, it develops its professional advantages in industries such as building materials, metallurgy, electric power, petrochemical industry and infrastructure construction. Moreover, its self-run shipping industry is expanding effectively and efficiently in route areas including Southeast Asia, India, the gulf area and Africa. Logistics plans can be customized according to characteristics of different customers` projects.