Overcoming difficulties to accomplish orders,Appreciated for professional services
Update time: 2017-10-17

“Dear friends from Worldwide Logistics Group, thank you for your efforts in transporting the parcel of Maersk marine accessories. We have witnessed the professional capability and dedication of your team! On behalf of FFT WWL Group, I would like to deliver the most heart-felt and sincere gratitude!” On the morning of October 12, Velkannan, the general manager of FFT WWL HK agency, wrote to Worldwide Logistics Group to express thanks. Before then, Worldwide Logistics Group had overcome all sorts of difficulties to accomplish the Maersk Line’s logistics order of FFT WWL Group, and saved huge loss for FFT WWL. As a result, Worldwide Logistics Group has been highly commended by its partner.

On October 5, FFT WWL HK called that a marine accessory needed to be delivered urgently from Shanghai to the cargo ship Maersk Ensenda. Maersk Ensenda (formerly known as Hanjin Harmony) is a large ship operating on AE6 (the 6th line of Europe) by Maersk, the largest container shipping company in the world. The ship has a load capacity exceeding 140,000 tons, and carries 13,000 standard containers. According to the requirement of FFT WWL, the accessory would be transported by air from Germany to Shanghai Pudong International Airport on the morning of October 8. And the accessory needed to achieve the ship before the noon of October 9 when Maersk Ensenda left the port. Otherwise, major operational risks, or even huge loss would occur to Maersk Line.

The situation was so urgent that there was no time to delay. Mao Juanlan, the general manager of Air Transport Department of Worldwide Logistics Group, received the client’s call, and quickly switched himself from the leisure status of long National Day and Mid-Autumn holiday to the working status. He contacted Jennifer Yang, the development manager of Overseas Business Division of Air Transport Department and Eason Yang, the customer service supervisor of Airport Operation Department. Then, Mao made comprehensive and detailed arrangement of the cargo shipping.

On October 9, the first workday after the conclusion of the National Day holiday. The Air Transport Department started early to make preparations for picking up goods. They filled out the Declaration Certificate of Entrustment, confirmed the name of the goods—HS CODE, and got to know the status of the cargo from DHL, the carrier of the parcel. Our staff coordinated on different levels and made full preparations. However, to the surprise of the staff, the method of cargo clearance was not confirmed at the time as expected since the actual clearance model and trade clause differed from the plans. Consequently, the accessory was not delivered on board by noon of October 9 when Maersk Ensenda left Shanghai Port.

Every minute counted. After Maersk Ensenda left Shanghai Port, the Air Transport Department discussed with the HK partner, and decided to adjust logistics scheme temporarily. In order to reduce the time consumed, Air Transport Department decided to follow the guideline of multi-level functioning, reducing links, and multi-directional implementation. After the accessory was cleared from the customs, we arranged professional logistics staff to carry the accessory from Pudong Airport to Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport. Then the staff put the accessory on a ship at the Yantian Port. On the morning of October 10, Air Transport Department began to handle relevant proceedings concerning import licensing application. With the efforts of the department, the procedures at the early stage that needed at least three days were completed within only one day.

On October 11, staff of Air Transport Department went to the customs for clearance early in the morning. Before noon, all relevant procedures were completed. However, Maersk Ensenda had already accomplished loading, and was about to leave Shenzhen Yantian Port. The department lost another change to get the goods on board.

The TPP Port in Malaysia was the last port for Maersk Ensenda to stop in far east area, which was the only chance left for Worldwide Logistics Group. After in-depth and detailed discussion with the partner, Air Transport Department confirmed the final logistics scheme: Consigning the cargo from Pudong Airport to Singapore, and put the cargo on board with the assistance of Singaporean agent.

The time left for Air Transport Department was not that much. The staff made the last efforts without stop. They lined up to pick up the goods, filled out the freight note, and ordered flight. Everything went nervously but orderly. However, it never rains but it pours. The flight expected to take off at 21:33 was delayed due to mechanical dysfunction! After anxious waiting, the flight finally took off from the Pudong Airport at 21:51. At 6:00 of October 12, the accessory arrived at Singapore Changi Airport. Then the Singaporean agent successfully delivered it to Maersk Ensenda. Till then, the logistics task was wrapped up with the concerted efforts of Air Transport Airport. The process has fully demonstrated client-oriented professional capability and work ethics featured by quality service of Worldwide Logistics Group. These qualities have helped us won the recognition and praise from our clients.