2018 Annual Celebration and Award Ceremony of Worldwide Logistics Group
Update time: 2018-02-05

On February 4th, the 2018 annual celebration and award ceremony of the Worldwide Logistics Group was held in Shanghai. The staff of the Group headquarters and in Shanghai, employees of all senior management levels of our subsidiaries around China, and our overseas colleagues from Singapore, Australia, Thailand and the United States took part in the grand ceremony. Other participants include ten-year honorary employees, colleagues from the department for route management and the department of overseas development, as well as partners from our fleets, customs brokering agencies and warehouses. At the same time, delegates were invited from Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. Nearly 700 distinguished guests of Sinotrans, Jinghong international Group, PWC, and banking and securities industries gathered to celebrate the event.

The ceremony started with a review of the honor and achievements gained by the group in 2017, which resonated with our colleagues and was highly praised by our distinguished guests.

Next, President Lin Jie delivered a new year speech. According to Mr. Lin, the year 2017 also found an outstanding position of the group in the international logistics stage. Among the global top 50 shipping companies rated by an authoritative industrial journal "Transport Topics", the group ranked 29th, compared with 28th of last year, which indicates our constant enhancement. In 2017, our group was rated as a national "5A" logistics enterprise, which refers to the highest class of China’s logistics industry. The honor highlighted our comprehensive strength and stable standing. Over the past year, we have continued to broaden our global markets. Being committed to meeting customer demand and paying attention to changes in the demand, we have striven to improve our service and made great strides in developing core ship owners. In addition, we have kept up with industrial trends. Following the Internet digital concept and focusing on innovation of IT systems, we have provided clients with APPs for online quotation, inquiry of schedules and follow-up of commodities. Worldwide Logistics Group is ready to strive for a brighter future in 2018!

New year speech by President Lin Jie

After the wonderful speech by Mr. Lin, a demonstration video of smart warehouse for air transport was played on site. As the world's first intelligent warehouse, smart warehouse has the most advanced intelligent equipment for operation. Being independently researched and developed by our group, the warehouse gains a number of patents and is expected to be a major project for national demonstration. Its working efficiency during the trial period has been 5 to 10 times that of manual operation, so that it can offer professional and efficient intelligent solutions.

Then the award ceremony unfolded. Awards will be sent to "2017 outstanding employees", "five-year honorary employees" and "ten-year honorary employees". Zheng Yongjie, general manager of Shanghai operation center, and Pino and Kevin B. Grebe, senior managers of overseas development department respectively gave trophies to "2017 outstanding employees" and "five-year honorary employees". President Lin Jie personally presented the trophy to "ten-year honorary employees". According to tradition, all excellent employees will have a week of free overseas tour and paid annual leave. Ten-year honorary employees will receive a platinum ring. The development of our group is closely related to all the colleagues' hard work and joint efforts. Our group is grateful for all our colleagues’ dedication, and thanks all the colleagues’ family members for their support and understanding.

Photo of 2017 outstanding employees

Photo of five-year honorary employees

Photo of ten-year honorary employees

After the award ceremony, plenty of splendid performances and games caught audiences’ eyes, including the red envelope collection on mobile phones, quiz with awards, street dance show, Chinese zither duet, song "no hesitation", sweepstakes and AR games. Finally, Mr. Lin led the senior management team for the group’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, which was a climax of the celebration.

Interesting AR games

Duet of Chinese Zither

Street dance show

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show of the group

The grand event came to an end with all the employees joining the chorus of “we are one family”. In 2018, Worldwide Logistics Group will continue to be inclusive and work with our colleagues and partners, so as to jointly create a better future!

“We are one family”