European Regional Headquarters of WWL Group was Established in Poland
Update time: 2018-03-26

As a historic step, European Regional Headquarters of Worldwide Logistics Group was established in Poland on 23th March 2018. Lin Jie, CEO of Worldwide Logistics Group, and Mr. Artur Jadeszko, CEO of ATC Cargo SA, witnessed together with the guest the grand time of Worldwide Logistics on site of Gdańsk, the pearl of the Baltic Sea.

Worldwide Logistics Group has always been considering its development from a diverse and global perspective. It actively carries out the layout to expand the overseas markets, and dedicates itself to establishing the Group as a comprehensive logistics service provider with a global network and a complete and sound product line. The Group highly values the European markets, especially the emerging markets in Central and Eastern Europe with Poland as a typical representative. In recent years, the Group has been making active attempts in exploring the European markets and establishing strategic cooperation with Europe. As a TOP50 global logistics enterprise and a professional comprehensive international logistics service provider, Worldwide Logistics Group is currenly the largest international logistic enterprise in Poland which is owned by Chinese. In March 2018, Worldwide Logistics Group, a Chinese owned largest logistics enterprise player in Poland and ATC Cargo, the largest logistics company in Poland has merged and adopted the name ATC Worldwide Company. Worldwide Logistics Group will leverage on ATC Cargo strong logistics and transportation network to intensify its European markets development as well accelerating and ensuring smooth trade channels between China and Poland.

China is vigorously developing construction of “One Belt One Road” at the present, while within which, Poland plays the role of the pivot and the partner country that grows the fastest in terms of bilateral trade among all EU countries. Worldwide Logistics Group firmly seizes the opportunity, takes a broader view over the global markets, makes significant efforts, takes multiple actions together, and thus follows the historic trend of opportunity. Establishment of the European Regional Headquarters of Worldwide Logistics Group re-extends the global market plans of the Group, and marks another brand new milestone for the Group in terms of its global strategies.